Essington unsurprisingly underperforming against a bottom 4 side (Freo Review Thread)

Was absolutely shitehouse but I’ll take it.

Hocking looking a natural CHF, Stewie was great
Sack Laverde


Never in doubt.

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Finals for a change.

All year people wanted us to make it, well we have so don’t come in here with the usual crap about cannon fodder and making up numbers.


Finals. Anything can happen. Enjoy the fact we are there to contest it.



Will be just like 2009 and 2011 all over again.

12 wins for the year, if it’s just about quantity then you would take that every time considering where we came from.

However we were very ordinary in the second half of the year where we thought we would actually get better. Had a dream run after the bye and fluffed it


Its funny how we ‘joked’ all week about a 14-15 point win; lol we all knew exactly what was coming.

Last 6 weeks don’t fill me with a shred of confidence, but we know what our best can do. We are going to the finals - well done all


Beat Freo despite the best efforts of about half a dozen Essendon players who were abysmal.

Belly, Goddard, Baguley, Zerrett, Stewart, Tippa and Gleeson early carried an enormous load.

Nice to see Hocking kick a couple.

Laverde trailing 10m beyond his opponent who marked easily in the last 15 seconds summed up his half-ar$ed efforts.

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In: Hurley, Fantasia

Out: Laverde, Hocking

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And Hooker.


Would love the coaches to back in Begley and Laverde for the first final. I honestly couldn;t give a flying about the perception we ‘just’ beat ‘struggling’ Fremantle - this win is part of the totality of the year and it is a fkg important milestone for the club. Well done to Woosha and the coaches, we are on the right path.


Nothing to say. Just another win that manages to feel like a loss.


I’m sitting here sipping on my beer fully blown crying like a blubbering mess overwhelmed with emotion. All the fucken garbage for years and WE ARE PLAYING FINALS

We did it.


Well, on the positive side, we have Hooker, Hurls and Fanta to come back into that team.

We should also get the actual James Kelly back, not sure who that guy was today.


Also, I reckon Zach Merrett and Tom Bellchambers each just played their best games for the club. Thanks lads


Set your standards lower.

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Was feeling terrified, but take that. Led all day, got the job done.

Well done.

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We won but that was complete agony.

Until this group realised that you actually have to work hard for4qtrs we will go nowhere

Making finals means nothing, it’s about winning finals

Do we have the talent to win a final … he’ll yes

Will we turn up to our finals game with the correct attitude and work rate… who the hell knows


This side won’t beat the Swans but good to get away with the win.

We ■■■■■■■ won. Freo took it up to us and gave us a chance to bottle it but we didnt. Huge.


Week off will be great. (For my blood pressure also!!) Wasn’t pretty but some really good signs. Anything is possible now! Am up north but will fly to wherever this final is. Can’t wait!!

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