Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?

The thread for everyone else’s delistings.

And for discussing Hartung still being no good.

Other clubs delistings
Crows: Jarman, Edwards, Dear
StK: Freeman, Goddard, Wright (Connellan)
North: Hartung, Williams, Nielsen, (Jeffries, Junker, Narrier)
Port: Toumpas, Irra
GCS: Barlow, Spencer, Willis (Jaska)
WBD: Collins, (Mullenberger-McHugh), Smith and Biggs Retired
Carlton: Mullet, O’Shea, (Shaw, Glass-McCasker)
Brisbane : Bell, Bewick, Paparone, Beams, (Barrett)
Geelong: Crameri, Aaron Black, Ryan Gardner, Cory Gregson, Matthew Hayball and Timm House
Sydney: Johnson

There are likely heaps more, that I’ll try and add when I see them, but this is not an authoritative source, and hasn’t been reviewed and approved in accordance with procedures.


Adelaide’s delistings would have been pretty handy in about 1992


On Hartung @wimmera1 I wonder whether he just can’t get the “team rules” type stuff right. I reckon if he could pay a role Hawthorn would have kept him, but if he gets caught up ball watching/chasing against team rules and plans that would explain why 2 teams cast him aside in spite of ok numbers?

I think he played a proper role at Hawthorn.
His role at North seemed to be, ‘skirt outside the packs all day and get the fast breakaway.’
And this isn’t as soft as it sounds, because he did a lot of gut-running to stay with the play, and then give that burst of acceleration.
I have a problem with the premise that a guy is doing the wrong thing, all game, every game, for 13 rounds without getting dropped, so I can only assume that’s what North wanted from him.

For all my ■■■■■■■■ and moaning, my point actually isn’t that we should pick him up. I’m not sure we need that sort of player.
Rather, it’s that we’re carrying two similar styled players who aren’t as good at it as him.


The Hartung thing was around him being a better alternative than Jerrett or Long.
I’ll still stand by that comment.

I don’t think North expected Jed Anderson, Dumont and a few others in their midfield to take such a big leap this year so Hartung was a bit of a ‘just in case ■■■■ happens’ player.

Still, a tad surprised he was delisted given the bottom handful of players on their list.

paging @pazza. this is where you do you finest work mate!


Collins from the Dogs was well rated key back. I think he was likened to Brian Lake. Think he’s struggled to get on the park. Have barely noticed him at VFL level.
He could be like the Freo player (cannot recall his name) who was delisted and now is rated as a good key position back prospect.

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What year is it? 2005? 2016? Gone are the years where we pick up clubs rejects. We should be/are the club the poaches quality players.

Let North and FarkCarlton sop up the dregs. They can sign up the next Justin Murphy or Mark Williams while we focus on real gets.


Hartung butchers the footy too much for an outside player.

I think a medical on freeman is worth the effort of a rookie spot look or VFL list team. Although i suspect it will come back Gumby level bad.

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with List spots tight. we cant waste a spot picking up rejects.
I mean when we are getting Shiel in…no need to pick up Barlow.

Carlton on the other hand have players on there list worse than the ones other clubs are delisting…they need some experience to win games, noone really replaced Gibbs on their list and they went backwards,

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Strooooong agree

If they’re not good enough for teams worse than us, why bother?

In 2014 we finished higher on the ladder and brought in a delisted McKernan. So in summary: agreed.


St Kilda have delisted Hugh Goddard. Highly rated as a junior. Body never seemed to give him a good run.

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Wow, I thought Hugh Goddard had a lot of promise as a key defender. Saints are really cutting their kids.


Out Goddard
In Goddard


One thing Dodoro knows is tall backs.

They are all fkg garbage

Only trade in best 18 players please


Saints out of contract players
|Billy Longer |5 |Non-Free Agent
|Darragh Joyce |2 |Non-Free Agent|
|Darren Minchington |7 |Non-Free Agent|
|Doulton Langlands |1 |Non-Free Agent|
|Hugh Goddard |4 |Non-Free Agent| Delisted
|Jack Lonie |4 |Non-Free Agent|
|Jack Steele |2 |Non-Free Agent|
|Koby Stevens |2 |Non-Free Agent| Retired
|Lewis Pierce |6 |Non-Free Agent|
|Logan Austin |1 |Non-Free Agent|
|Maverick Weller |5 |Non-Free Agent|
|Nathan Freeman |3 |Non-Free Agent| Delisted
|Nathan Wright |6 |Non-Free Agent|
|Ray Connellan |2 |Non-Free Agent| Delisted
|Sam Gilbert |13 |Unrestricted Free Agent| - you would imagine he reitires…past his best.

Has he much exposed pretzel and pointing talent?


Would definitely look at Nathan Freeman