Ex-#10 Saint Francis, off to the Sydney Diocese

He’s only getting a game right now because their three or four 1st choice tall defenders are out injured. And that’s the sort of level he’d be at most clubs. Hence why if he’s getting a game then you’re like battling. The fact he’s played in 4 games at the Swans and they’ve lost all of them is indicative of this.

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Fitting where he’s come from.

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What sort of deal did he sign? 1 year only you’d think!? Strong chance he’ll be delisted at the end of the year!?

So played well in the first quarter, but ran out of steam by Q4? Long standing issue.

Two years

Can only hope that after 5 games the full Essington transfer will be complete

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Then we’re in the blood.

I’m glad they’re are giving him a run of games. Maybe it’s because of injuries, but maybe it will click for him at some point. I hope so.


Good to see him get his first Swans win last night.


Came good after half time in a big way. Stood and played tall out marking McKay a couple of times and earned a free another time. At one stage he even ventured to the wing and set up an attack with a well weighted pass into the forward line that hit an open target. Such a performance would have done wonders for his confidence. Too bad we didn’t see more of this sort of play when he was with us.


Think he played last week against Norf


Yeah, you’re right.

We did. It was the weeks after that were the problem.

His first game back one time…against St Kilda…then went back to his old ways.

Gee if only he had a 9 possession, 4 mark game when he was with us.


First game vs Brisbane 2016

  • 9 kicks
  • 7 marks
  • 7 handball
  • 2 tackles



Well thank you for your fact based reply to my sarcastic post lol


He’s got a couple of tools, but obviously there are a lot of deficiencies with his game at AFL level. His best is very good, but he’s so frustratingly inconsistent. Being a confidence player and usually starting the game poorly doesn’t help. Props to him for working himself into the game. Hopefully he’s able to gain some consistancy and cement a spot in their back 6.