Ex-#13 Orazio Fantasia - well… bye

Man, he really was quite a good player for a while there. RIP


He was my favourite player.

If he can rise back to be the player he was then we become a flag contender.

I am holding onto this dream that Fantasia, Stringer, Daniher, Hooker and Heppell all seamlessly slot back in and hit their straps a few weeks out from finals and we get our timing just right and blast our way through to Grand Final Day. And win the lot of course.

I realise I’m probably wishing for a bit much :grimacing:


Played a couple of reasonable games off HB, then gets a soft tissue injury and will miss 2-3 games mid season so you crack the sads.
We just won a game where we tackled like our lives depended on it and you’re starting discussions about the imminent ending of the career of a 24 year old who was considered exceptional just 12 months ago.
I know you guys are depressed down in Melbourne, as covid is serious, but starting these kinds of threads is pissweak, and you should be better than that SMJ.


You’re kidding right? The other Fantasia thread timed out at 10,000 posts so a new one needed to be made. And it was a joke about his injury status, not a literal statement about his imminent death. Lighten up


I still have hope that we will see a firing daniher/fantasia/stringer/Stewart forward line

I’ve moved this to the correct area, ya nuffie.


Thread is off to a cracking start.


Fark this I’m off to the Laverde - In Memoriam thread.

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Give us a third rounder and be done with it.


That is totally up to Dyson

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Give him the rest of the season off.

And some dumbells.

Raz in 2017

Raz in 2020


Is he actually injured or was it managing his loads etc. this week.

Trade him for Wines!!!

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way to much muscle for Raz.

Need a photo of a fried frog to be to scale.

Completely agree. There is no point having someone on the list that will only play half of the game( at the most) each year. He is hardly tearing it up when he plays either.

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This thread has only been active for a couple of hours and is already injured.

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Mate that’s a cow - you want to eat steers.

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