Expectations Grand Final or Bust 2019?

For me this is where it sits. I have been following essendon since bea smith was queen of Wentworth. The list is good enough and barring major injury this should be the goal. Don’t throw the crap about not winning a final since 04. Does not matter the 83 gf side did not win a final for years. We are primed and ready to do what we do best and that is farking making grand finals and winning flags. The list is there and I have never said that since 01 and I don’t say it lightly but now yes yes yes WE CAN WIN THE FLAG. We are in the premiership mix and the feeling is great cos I have not felt that since 2001.


If we got Libba we would be certs!:grinning:

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Premiership or death


Seriously just win a fking final and ill be happy


The happy clappers will think we can win the 2019 flag right up until the 2019 St Essington’s Day.

But yes, this is our best chance since the AFL deliberately killed our chances just when James Hird had coached us to take a league-leading position with a very good chance to go further…


Easily pleased if that’s the case. I was lucky enough to grow up in an essendon successful era whereby winning one final would be an abject failure. Trust me the list is good enough to cause some serious carnage.

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I hope so. The cupboards were bare in my teens and 20’s. Im used to this. I want a flag bad. But winning a final will be awesome.


It really should line up for us in 2019. You’d hope that the draw we get is favourable due to where we’ve finished this year.

Much like Collingwood for this season. All a team needs is to build momentum.

Adding a fit Daniher, Fantasia and Gleeson into the side. With Shiel. And the natural progression of our younger brigade, it will be a very strong team with depth to assist.


Top 4 and at least one final win.

Anything less and I am on the shop for new coach wagon


Provided there are no major injuries to important players, as with Joey and Raz this year…

Finals: definitely
Top four: in with a chance
Then: anything is possible :trophy:

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Winning one final in 2019 is not enough for the list and what the coaches and players would expect.

One finals win was this year. We fluffed that for various reasons already discussed. You’d be expecting this team to be playing in a preliminary final.

The case for them achieving a prelim or even more is all doable. The list has developed nicely on paper. Second half of this season that potential was shown on the field - players and coaches in synch.

Most sides will get their opportunity to have a crack - and it looks like ours has arrived.

But what we actually produce next year is another thing. We know the gap between the Essendon that should show up and the one that does.

So premiership or bust? - good chance for either.


Top 4, win a final, make prelim.

Flag or bust 2020.

And if we win one, then we need to win at least one more. Think Cats or Hawks of recent times.

Who knows, I might even be back by then.

lose to the scum
lose to the filth
beat Sydney by a point.
get jack martin in trade week.
get excited about 2020.


Lets start by beating Carlton twice, Brisbane at home, Hell lets just not drop games against teams we should beat.

Oh and if we can beat the Hawks, that would be nice too.

And while I am at it, whatever game I fly down from Brisbane to see (Especally if it is against Brisbane or the Hawks).


Top 6, win a final


I love it when Albert Thurgood goes all glass half full (ish, kinda, as close as his dna will allow).


Top 6 for me too with an expectation of a finals win at the least.

Top 4 should be the minimum. Flag would be amazing and certainly achievable. Agree that there hasn’t been a feeling like this around the club in a LONG time. Perhaps even since 1998 / 1999 when we knew we had some great young players coming through as well as some established stars.

Everything from 2002 to 2016 was a slow downhill slide IMO, due to a multitude of factors (which we all know about) - 2016 was rock bottom and now are climbing back the other side of the hill.

Exciting time once again to be an Essendon supporter!

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