Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!

I’m curious why calorie wise, why are the fake meats worse than normal meats. Also why are they so high in salt?

It’ll happen naturally anyway when real meat becomes more expensive.

So they can actually taste edible?

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That is why the research is happening in so many places.

Low calorie and low salt are a main aim, and low cost of production.

Shitake jerky is better than beef jerky, better consistency better taste

Good that they are hopefully producing food to help those in need but it’s a no from me. I’ll stick to the real stuff thanks


I just see it as another recipe.

Nom nom nom



Eat me, eattttttt meeeee

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Thats really not fair.

If we weren’t meant to eat animals, why are they made of food?


I’d be careful. You’re made of meat too and bomber girl seems a bit hungry.


Lets not pretend that all the inputs that go into fake meat dont harm a myriad of animals in large quantities.
This also goes for normal plant foods and grains.

Farmers often contract snipers to shoot animals like wild pigs that are compromising yields.
We know that crop deaths as a result of those combine harvesters is real.
Not to mention all the animals that are maimed or inconvenienced by relocation.

Trillions of smaller animals are killed from pesticides or variants.

Eat real meat, ideally ruminants that have been raised properly.
AND, consume true pastured eggs.

There are certainly elements of the activist movement that is valid, and useful in educating us about animal cruelty, but dont buy in to their agenda or propaganda.
Its largely Plant Based bullsh*t based off of an emotive stance.


Ok, so my Better Half has had digestion issues with our go to burger option, namely the UK based Linda Mac Mozza burger, so we had to find another option. Tried one option available at the local supermarket but BH said it was too bacony. As a result we went to the “Beyond Burger” option (At $12 for 2 from our local– ouch, Linda Mac is 2 for $5) Now I’m definitely tight, but $12 for a pair of vegie burgers- ■■■■ me! The outcome, so far. BH says the Beyond Burger, a US import, is preferable to the other bacony options, but she prefers the Linda Mac, even though it upsets her digestion wise. As for me, the Yank version probably is meatier but not that much more than the Linda Mac. Either way I’m waiting for a local option which is edible and tasty and doesn’t upset BH. Cannot see why Oz producers haven’t worked out there’s a market for this sort of product and produced more options.

just use a big mushroom cap and call it a day


mushrooms are good or just boil some lentils (any type) until soft & drain. mix with a mashed spud, chopped onion, any herb parsley is good, s&p, coat in flour and fry in oil.
better than pre-made and will cost you < $1.

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When I make burgers I have sliced mushrooms as a side, never as the main deal.

Unfortunately my Better Half is no fan of lentils(watched too many Young Ones episodes?). I make lentil based moussaka, pretty well too IMO, but she prefers me to substitute Quorn fake mince. Definitely looking for an acceptable fake meat burger option.

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