Fake meat that's better at being meat than real meat!

That’s just for the faux meat pattie. Won’t include bun dressing etc.

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Reckon people should start reading the ingredients of the faux meat. Most likely healthier to eat the real meat.


It’s lo-fat all over again.

Let’s change that to “almost certainly” Rosso, with a proviso…

The problem I have with this is that we probably won’t replant the areas we no longer need. Can’t kmagine farmers rescinding their ‘rights’ use the land in this way.

You wouldn’t be eating them for health reasons.

If you’re doing it for climate reason then I hope they don’t contain soy

If they can develop a product that’s actually healthy and not full of rubbish then it’s not a bad alternative. I am very anti-vegan, but eating too much red meat is undeniably bad for you. I had an issue with this last year and learnt my lesson. You basically have eat a full on vegan diet for a short period, and anytime spent being a vegan is too long.

ha - nah not for that.

I’m vegetarian (actually better description is whole food plant based). And I enjoy a burger. So, very rarely, and typically as a treat if I’m travelling, then I’d try one.

I detest soy on a few levels. Don’t mind the sauce though.

Without derailing the thread too much (though it’s kinda relevant), the online battle between Plant Based advocates and the Carnivore Movement is very entertaining.

I am neither, but it’s fascinating watching the 2 camps attempt to destroy each other :rofl:

Not derailing at all. In fact, this very topic might be the solution. For people who just want to argue they will probably keep trying to take issue of course.

Hey Bomber girl, it’s not so bad, vegans stiĺl eat hot chips. I gave up meat easily enough but giving up hot chips would be torture. Baked in olive oil in the oven, not the deep fried grease sticks.

They’re not chips, they’re roast potatoes. Sorry to break it to you…


when we did meat free july.
i was eating so much dairy to compensate.

dont think i could ever go no animal products

  • Milk - soy and almond not the same
  • cheese
  • cream

i have given up eating chocolate this last week, was eating a 100g dark chocolate packet a day, probably too much.

The burger looks ok, but given i never go to hungry jacks not going to go out of my way to get one.

I’ve cut my meat intake way down over the last year or two, partly for health and partly for environmental reasons. I do more non-meat days than meat days now, and even the meat days I eat less of it. There’s lot of ways to stretch out meat when you’re cooking, you don’t always need a half kilo steak (though i do still do that, once in a while…). A couple of slices of salami cut up fine and stirred through makes a big difference to pasta, and stuff like pho scratches the ‘must eat meat’ itch without actually having very much meat in it. Even use chicken stock as the base for a vegie soup. But mostly I’ve just tried a shitload of vegie recipes until I found some that are filling. Tonight, african peanut and vegie curry…

Cutting down dairy though - that’s going to be REAL tough…

Not sure I’m a fan of the fake meat through. Not opposed to it, it’s just not my thing. And as far as I know (I was dating someone who was vaguely involved in the research on this, years ago), the lab-grown meat required a growing medium based on blood harvested from very young or fetal calves. So (back then at least) it wasn’t really a solution to the ‘i don’t want animals to die for my steak’ problem, any more than it was a solution to the ‘i don’t want native bush to be cleared to farm cattle for my steak’ problem.




Recently we have provided large amounts of equipment for the research and production of meat analogs or fake meat. It is becoming big business and private manufacturers are evolving from Universities and other Major institutes.

There are major environmental wins with replacing real meat with a substitute including the saving of billions of litres of water and lowering CO2 production, with a projected major impact in poorer countries that lack rainfall in terms of food production. Many different vegetable matters are being used as the base for the meat analogs including native grasses that grow in abundance in semi desert areas.

The effort in research that goes into making a meat analog contains the same vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other bits good for health and digestion is extraordinary and getting the product to taste, smell, have the same texture and mouthfeel is a challenge with Governments and others kicking in millions of dollars to get a result.

In our experience so far, none of the researchers are vegan.