Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019

Come one come all!

We are back…

Going back to our regular style.

Can we get a few interested?

I dread this post.

Yeah I’m in.

Did I tell you I was in Washington for the playoffs last year.
Was amazing. Rock the red.

Wow… that woulda been epic.

I cant believe we won. Seriously.

Ovi <3

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So who is in?

Are we drafting Monday 5pm?
Can we make picks 1 minute instead of 2?

I restarted the league with everyone… no one else is posting. Might send email to league if I can.

I’ll change draft rules. Not sure I’ll be drafting at all or doing rankings. I’m in italy

Do you guys want me back?

On the basis of truly terrible drafting last year I was bouncing along the bottom then stopped doing anything for the last bit of the season. I think if I drafted better I’d have made a proper effort.

The 3 of us can battle it out!

I’m keen to go again. At work for most of today before heading to Sydney for the NRL. I should be fine for Monday draft.

Would have been so amazing. All those years of pain finally wiped away. I’m hoping to get over this year so hopefully we can go back to back.
I never miss a Caps game which sometimes annoys my fellow workers or wife.
On a side note did anyone catch the preseason game between the Cats and Bolts?
They literally belted the crap out of each other

I was at game 1 of the Washington v Pens game.

Both Ovechkin and Crosby scored. I cried. Was a dream come true.

Haven’t seen anything yet this year. It’s wide open. Should be a cracking year.

Screw Crosby :rofl:

I hear ya. But to see two of the best players of the last 10 years score in the same playoff game was something else.

Sorry, still focused on Fantasy Footy.

I’m in, I’ve got a premiership defence to potentially Beveridge up…though given players are locked into position, I can’t try to play Duby as a centre to try and increase his “flexibility”.

1 minute per pick? Well I’m screwed then, I’m still doing my research between picks.

You do research?

Im in again, was a bit slack after xmas last season.

I’ll literally miss the draft unless I can do it from my phone at 1am in Sicily. Not likely. Doors open boys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Winning the cup after all the failures makes it all worth it. I can now say go Caps and actually feel proud. My no.1 sports team.

Still spots available? I’m keen, never played fantasy hockey before so I can be the league easybeat…

The more the merrier - just click the invite in the 4th post.

Limited last minute cramming, but yeah. I generally can’t remember who was in my squad from the previous season, let alone the guys I’d want to target again before I start looking into things.

@Portable_Mink - Trying to lull us into a false sense of security? 5pm here is a lot later than 1am Italy time.