Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019


All signed up. Will miss the draft so will have to rely on auto picks. Bugger.


Yeah I messed that up. Is anyone against me making it 3 hours earlier? I might be able to sneak a few picks in super early whilst the missus is asleep…


I’m happy with that.


at 2pm? today?


I changed it 3 hours is all.


ok I’m in and out of meetings.

Does everyone know? Should we do 2pm tomorrow?


I emailed the league and posted here. It won’t let me select tomorrow. Too late apparently / close to season start.

I know it’s not ideal but it’s gotten 2 more people able to do some drafting, which is a good thing. Hope everyone sees it.

Everyone should also have gotten notification when I changed it.


ok lucky i checked Blitz over lunch.

See you in the draft soon then.


Did you get the emails?


I don’t check yahoo.


I’m in a meeting til 2.

What’s the draft order?



Awesome thanks. Got some buffer time to get to my desk.


Sorry Mink, but to have a draft time set for almost 3 weeks, only to suddenly bump up the draft time (without consultation) on the day of the draft is complete and utter BS and wouldn’t fly in any serious fantasy comp.


Did you live draft?

It also started about 5 minutes early. Weird.

I would have been gutted to miss it.


Yeah I logged on 2 minutes early and still missed my first 2 rounds


Live draft? LOL.

The thing that kept me up in the top 2 or 3 for most of last season was my peripherals, so for starters I’m certainly not putting together a squad with only 2 guys with over 100 hits.

I’m not letting Mink swoop on all of my top 3 D from last season, ignore my best RW and top 40 player the previous 2 seasons 11 times or let my #1 ranked player for the final third of the season and 15th overall for the season slide all the way to Mink in the 15th round.


I emailed everyone and changed it by 3 hours because it enabled 2 more people to draft. Also posted in here.

You’re right, I haven’t had the time to manage this properly with my holiday and would have preferred someone else handle it but no one did. Happy to hand over the reigns next season if I don’t have time again.

I can’t please everyone so I compromised. Happy to quickly have someone create a new league and draft if that’s the preference. I’m honestly in between little towns in Sicily, took the feedback and adjusted on the fly to try and make things work. Emailed/posted here. I did my best. Apologies again for the amateurishness this season, just extremely limited capacity.


Very shortly I’ll be off again for the day with no internet, so if the decision to create a new one is done, someone just make me an email and add it to the league and auto draft me.

The league wouldn’t exist if I didn’t get it going every year but totally agree it needs to be done better. Usually I think it’s fine but as I said no time.

Sorry all :frowning:


Completely forgot and just looked at my team, it’s ■■■■.