Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019


It is what it is.

I didn’t do any research (had planned to do it an hour before but that evaporated) and my team is full of players I’d never heard off. It’s expanded my range that’s for sure.

Thanks Mink for running the league. You are right no one else has done it and co-ordinating the league across everyones timezones is hard. It was just the last minute switch up that hurt. That’s why I asked for a days notice.

Anyways good luck everyone. New players to follow!

I have no ideas who wins the cup this year. It’s seriously wide open.


First go at NHL fantasy. Looking forward to this, even if I get pantsed. Should be fun.



Have fun, ask questions and get involved.


Nice spin.

You did not change the draft time because “it enabled 2 more people to draft” - for starters, that is factually inaccurate as it ignores myself who could draft at 5, but was unaware of the new start time - you changed the draft time around the same time as your Blitz post, so all you know when you changed the time is that you can draft at that time, you had no idea about anybody else’s circumstances.

How did you compromise when at no point, were other times suggested by anybody prior to you changing the time? You took the feedback? What feedback? Aside from Ant’s suggestion to drop the time limit for picks, there was none.

Also given there are a multitude of timezone websites and apps available, how on earth did you think for 3 weeks that a draft set for 8am Italian time was 1am?

Using Blitz to post changes in comp settings is perfectly sound practice, but it requires adequate notice - it has never been a prerequisite of the comp that one needs to check Blitz every few hours, and to seemingly hold up what you provided as acceptable is rubbish. Participating or not in a draft, shouldn’t come down to whether you opt to check Blitz during your lunch break or not. As for the emails - a 3rd of the comp has accounts which if they’re anything like mine, solely exist because of the comp, they’re not something to be checked on even a semi-regular basis.

Would’ve I been able to draft at the new time? No, but with adequate notice I would’ve at least had been able to set rankings, which would’ve minimised the damage, as Yahoo’s default rankings are not designed for our league’s category set-up.

Usually I don’t have an issue with how you run the comp and it is because of you that I have any interest in ice hockey in the first place, but if you pull this ■■■■ again, I’m done.


With an 8am Italian time draft, I probably would have joined as 7am UK time suits me. Bringing it back by three hours put it at 4am UK time, so no chance.

I drafted so poorly last year I was thinking of giving the auto-pick a go anyway, but ■■■■■■ hell the ranks are terrible for peripherals.


ok that’s all out the way now.

Let’s get on with it.
For reference Mink I drafted best this year. Ha!


You shouldn’t get pantsed mate - currently its a 9 team league with 5 possibly 6 people that are going to be active. As its a category league, you’ll sometimes find the non-playing teams rank exceptionally highly in goaltender stats as their top 2 could have great years and they’re not rolling anybody else, but the rest of the categories you ought to easily to be able to outpace them over the journey.


Both Azza and I could draft earlier which I had feedback for. So that is 2 more. How many less I obviously couldn’t judge. So I changed it and hoped and did all I could comms wise. I admitted it was poorly handled because I’ve had no time.

There was no malice in any of this. Someone else can do it from now on.


Putting that behind us, Mink are you backing the Caps in to go back-to-back and if so, what do you think gives them the edge over their rivals?

Btw, I’m perfectly fine with you continuing to set up and manage the league.


I’ll reply, just gotta go out and no WiFi


I never in my wildest dreams thought we would win 1 cup let alone go back to back.
Very tough ask but I legitimately believe we can give it a real crack and go all the way again. Our scoring power gives us a big edge IMO. We have plenty of goals in us and even though I still think we might leak a few from time to time I think we are quite solid at the back. Having an elite goalie helps massively aswell


I don’t think there is a decline in Ovi or Backstrom yet. Orpik is super old but he played the entire last 2 minutes of our cup clinching game and not much is expected besides being a leader. The advanced stats don’t work in his favor but I know why. I won’t go into detail.

After that, Kuzy is going to challenge for the Hart/Art Ross imo. He is maybe the most skilled player in the league. 104 points last 80 games. So he is improved, Wilson is a super player regardless of people thinking he is just a goon. His even strength stats back it up. Keeps improving, so will Vrana, Orlov, Stephenson. Oshie should be his normal playoff self after injured last year.

All the talk of the bruins is crazy to me. They are a 1 lib team. Caps should firmly be in the discussion. Full team is complete and unmatched for the combination of speed, size and skill.

Not to mention I believe we have a much better coach now that Barry trotz.


Hilarious that a guy I’d never heard of drafted round 8 is leading my scoring.
Mikko Rantanen.

What flip flop season so far.


He had a cracking season just gone and was top 20 in the league for points. Looks to have started where he finished last season


Well this is going well. 50 points off the pace at this early stage.

This is all new to me and thought I’d struggle, but Holy hell. I’m just glad I didn’t put money on this. Any tips anyone? Please?


Hang in there. Your team looks really good.

It looks like you’ve played 60 less games that anyone else. So make sure you roster is full everyday and players aren’t missing games.
Have a look at the categories and see which ones you are close to others and see if you can get a few players from Free Agency to build those stats.

For example you good get an extra goalie. There are a few that are winning a lot of games that are just sitting on Free Agency.

Oh and getting Austin Matthews back will help!


Talk about a dodgy as ■■■■ trade.

A defender whos about to be not on the PP or 1st line at all when Weber comes back for one of the top 3 defenders in the game?

tsk tsk tsk.


Defender for defender… Weber back tonight. Just terrible.


Its the currently ranked 70th player for the 270th - c’mon Mink you did plenty of similar trades over the years. I also gave him the option of Yandle instead as he is bottom for assists and not far off bottom for PPP.

Relax. You should still cruise to a win given Ant let you have the best post-All Star game player last season for a 15th round pick and he’s just returned.

Even if Hedman returns to past form, I’m still only targeting a 3rd place finish, unless my non-Halak goalies dramatically improve.


He literally got replaced by Weber today in all top ice time, all PP time.
You know that.
Its pretty filthy and anyone in the world who knows fantasy hockey would say the same!

meh, you pulled it off. good on you.