Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019


Pesky @The_Ant - Was hoping you wouldn’t be online before 9 and miss replacing Oshie.

Binnington locks up wins, which leaves 3 areas that’ll decide things

  • Your Assists - Holy Roy having Gaudreau, Malkin and Karlsson benched helps you
  • Mink’s SOG (already cut the lead to 13)
  • Whether Bob blanks Ottawa - 5 SOs in his last 9 makes him a big chance.

Good luck mate. I’m very nervous.


I’m cooked mate. I’ve tried for two weeks to catch you in wins but Binnington just keeps winning.

Two losses yesterday was the end.

The fact I need others to help me on the last day shows how much I stuffed this up.

At this stage I deserve to lose.


@Dunlop congrats mate. Well deserved.

You chased hard and your last month was amazing.
My guys simply stopped.

If you ever meet Binnington in real life buy him a beer…no a slab because was u stoppable. I would guess that he gained you 5 points overall.


Thanks mate.

Only way I won that is through luck - its the only way you can win with zero moves for a month - luckily the only guys of significance that missed (Hedman & Muzzin) were D guys and I already had 7, so whilst the replacements weren’t comparable the spots could be filled at least. If McDavid gets injured a lot earlier than the last game, I might’ve ended up 3rd.

Different sort of win to last season, which makes this one more satisfying, as I had to work overtime to overhaul the drafted squad and was still a long way back (5th or 6th) coming into December. Autopick had given me some great top offensive talent, but very few that were going to be capable of delivering dependable peripherals (with Burns & Erik Johnson my only D with over 100 in blocks or hits).

At some point I’ll sit down and work out what my goalies went after picking up Murray in December vs. before (I’d be surprised if it wasn’t almost a full point difference), then they went to another level after picking up Binnington in mid-Jan. I very much doubt another of my goalies will ever match Binnington’s February run of 10-1; 1.44, .945 with 4 SOs.

Key FA Contributors to the Win:
Andrew Shaw

DeBrusk was also very important in the final 6 weeks when I needed goals.

Btw Ant, seeing you’ll likely be the only other person to read this: Tom Berry - statistically better than his brother at the same age.


My inactivity cost me.

Here is the prediction from the start of the year. I drafted best…ahahaha. But got outplayed.


Sounds like a pretty close end to the season!
Sorry I have been so absent. GF has been super sick and just so low on priorities as a result I forgot to do stuff a lot.

Congrats Dunners! Great comeback…
This was the standings for skaters only:

Anorexic Ants - 56
Kings Revenge - 55.5
Stockholm Syndrome - 48
The Mink Dynasty - 61.5

I got done by my goalies which is a pain and pretty unpredictable these days. Caps won the division but Holtby didnt do great for a lot of the season. Duby started well then dropped a lot. Spent what time I did on the team trying to find good goalies but missed the boat on Binnington. May have helped me get across the line!