Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019


what trade did I do? I can’t remember that!

Mink ain’t cruising to anything. I’m crushing it!


20 games to go and I’m 10 points up.

I’m not celebrating yet but it’s a good spot to be in. My post Christmas scoring streak is slowing and who knows what will happen in the goalie stats.

@Dunlop Jordan Binnington was an inspired pickup and you could ride him all the way to the top.


You’ve done exceptionally well, though I think Mink’s taken his eye off things at times.

No trade - I was referring to Wilson who Mink was able to draft in the 15th round - he was either the #1 fantasy player post All-Star game last season or very close to it, and one of the big reasons I won last year. I was anticipating Mink would’ve gotten a bigger lift out of his stats than he has.

You’re cruising. I’m no danger - too much ground to make up. I’ve still got my eyes on 3rd, if I get 2nd that’d just be a bonus.

Re: Binnington, when you’ve had Rask and very little else you’re willing to take any gamble you can - I was so desperate at one stage I gave Howard a whirl after he’d had a decent month. It is extraordinary to consider that I’ve started 12 different goalies - I’ve just been fiendishly lucky that since late December when Murray returned and went on a tear, I’ve managed to find a hot goalie to pair with Rask.

Binnington’s away record is completely bonkers though - most goalies (with the exception of Murray) are better home than away, but Binnington’s away record is something else: 10 starts, 8 wins, 1.19, .950, 4 SO.

Both Binnington and Hart have tough schedules this week and Boston’s on a road trip, so I doubt my goalies as a group will stay hot for too much longer. At which point you can relax and start celebrating.



lead is down to 5. 10 games to go.

Cracking ending.


Doing my best to make you sweat! Though it ought to be your year, given you’ve led for almost the entirety of it.

Its closer than I thought it’d be and its been fun trying to find some hot hands to run with, whilst strategically cutting some good performers for me - any more injuries will finish me off though.

Best of luck.


You’re home now.

A bad call on goalies yesterday means I’m virtually no chance of gaining any more points in GAA, especially given all my goalies play on the same day for the next fortnight barring a few lucky back-to-back calls.


There are 6 categories I can lose points in and none I can gain.

By way no over.


@Dunlop it’s happening.

1.5 points the difference.

8.5 points swallowed up in 10 games.


I’m watching mate…just not believing (Schwartz with a hat trick after barely scoring a point for 20 games as an example). Hopefully I’ve sewn up 2nd now.

This is me basically at the zenith though - it’ll be much easier to lose multiple points in a couple of categories from here than to gain a point in the other 3. If you pull back a point or 2 that you’ve lost recently, barring another shut-out run, I’m just not seeing where I’d be able to catch you.


My offense has stopped. I’ve been overtaken in goals, assists, shots PP points this week.

C’mon boys lift!


The hell is happening @The_Ant?

-5 on the day currently?

Hold on Binnington and Murray!


I sat a Goalie who got a shutout and that cost me 2.5 points alone.
I have 3 players listed day to day so I’m down 10 shots and 10 hits a day plus what ever scoring.

And my offence is slumping big time.

There is nothing worse than having a 10 point lead with 20 games to go. You know you are going to cool and it’s all over.



You’ve hit the lead. I really took my eye off the ball.

I’d kept Coleman for his shooting not realising he was -16 over the month.
Mink has taken points off me on shots and hits.

I’ve got 5 games to correct but I think may have blown it.

If I can get you in goalie wins I might be ok.


Usual service has resumed.

Its always hard to juggle NHL with the fantasy footy drafts and yeah, I know the feeling with Coleman as I ditched him for the same reason.

Ultimately nothing has changed from a few days ago, if you claw the points back I don’t think I have the avenues available to catch you.


It’s going to be a bob of the head.

I’m down two points today.


and I’ve blown it.

I have played the last two weeks so badly. I’ve played the wrong goalies multiple times.
Now do I trust the guys I have to rebound? or do I make big changes?


You sure? A Kuemper shut-out and you’re back in the lead again. EDIT: I take that back Halak lets in a 2nd and I’ve edged ahead again.

So many of my guys have just stopped shooting the puck - wouldn’t surprise me if Mink catches me within a day or 2. My D guys have also been overly generous by going on a block strike of late - I can’t remember the last time a full quota of my D guys went block-less let alone repeating it the next chance they got.

You’ve got room to change things up, whilst I’ve burnt my moves and just have to hope the bottom guys can do something when called upon.

I still think its yours to lose, but its much closer than I’d anticipated.


You’re back in front @The_Ant and by 2.5 as well. Lucky Elliott was a cardboard cut-out as Binnington’s having a shocker. Could easily get pulled if he lets in another.

With Hedman done and Muzzin status uncertain I can’t see myself reclaiming the PPP off Mink, which leaves only reclaiming the GAA point off you or a miraculous shut-out as the only options to gain points.

Really need old mate Landeskog to chase Hellebuyck.


@Dunlop You are back and front. Your goalies keep winning and I can’t catch you.

Bob of the head. Anyones game.


Re: goalies. Yeah I’m just extremely lucky. Binnington’s something else and Murray’s gone from my worst goalie last season (by some distance), to standing on his head most games over the past month. Unfortunately given Murray has played almost every game for the past month, now they’ve secured their play-off berth he’s probably rested tomorrow.

Expected Mink to load up on players today given the SOG difference was only 15, but it didn’t happen.

Btw, I’m still 83.5 (Mink still leads PPP by 2 once weekly adjustments are factored in).