Fantasy NHL 2017-2018

I drafted at My girlfriends house who spent ages cooking a roast… then drafting whilst eating. It was a bit naughty.

I drafted whilst at the NRL GF. Couple of times I forgot and suddenly looked at my phone and I was up next or once it was a minute into my selection.

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Ha! That’s a great effort.

It was good to be back to back picks because you could tune out for a little while.

Just realised I’d accidentally placed Hornqvist on IR+. What is the difference? Is that like baseball’s short-term and long-term IR?

Also you’ve been holding out on us Mink - Caps signed the first Aussie in NHL history, just scored in his debut too.

Nice pick-up of Borowiecki, Ant. Did think about drafting him late as well as switching Gudas out for him given his ice time has dropped and his hits have been non-existent. Opted instead to give Gudas more time, we’ll find out whether that was the right call.

No chance, Evander can keep this up, but damn he’s on fire to start the season - 4 goals and 26 shots in 3 games is insane.

Kane showed end of last season he might finally be ready to put it all together. I rate his chances. Can’t believe I got Ovi.

He’s back using CCM sticks

I know Nathan Walker. Great hard working kid. Glad he got his chance. Not the greatest ever goal though!

Ovi what a start and turns it on for Mink. He was a dud pick one last year for me.

Loving Hockey this year. It’s up a notch I reckon. Lots of goals.

Ovi was number 1 ranked skater last year…

Things rarely said in Fantasy Hockey: Mike Smith is carrying my goalies

Thought I was being smart opting for Duby early to give myself Murray & a top 5 goalie from last season - Duby’s been atrocious out of the gate with only 1 game with less than 4 goals conceded

I thought I was smart getting Price and Holtby first up.

nice little jump ive got on you guys… anything can happen though…

So just business as usual then?

Us scrapping for 2 and 3rd?

We need to actively hunt Mink.

I’ve picked 2 categories I can take points off him and that is my sole focus. Everyone should do the same.

He is just sitting back watching us scraping points off each other.

I’m attacking his PIMs and blocks. I gain 4 points on him by doing so.

We need to force him into making some decisions.

I finally get Mink in PIMs and he puts on 34 in one day.

How can you beat this? Seriously.

You told me I drafted crap so I drafted well :slight_smile: no homework either!

So quiet in here…
Everyone too busy with life?

Ovi hardest shot :stuck_out_tongue:

all just planning behind your back on how to take you down.

Only just found this thread, didn’t know this was a thing on Blitz.

Count me in for next season. Love me some hockey.


Mink is gettable.

Going to be a ripping last 15 games.

Still tipping Mink to win with Ant 2nd, but its tight