Fark carlton continues

Channel 7 news had Walsh out for an indefinite amount of time. One month into the season sounds like the lighter end of the MIA scale, but no one has any real idea at this stage. l hope he can come back okay, back injuries are seriously bad news.

If this was us we would be waiting until he came back from christmas break before going under knife.
Good move blues. hope his back is alright, given his other injury comebacks it will be quick.

Fark Carlton.


What the actual Fark is going on here?

A messiah has been shot in the thigh!
This has never happened in the history of AFL!
We must hold a moratorium for such an unlikely event that has never happened to us!

Faaaarkity Farking Fark Me.

I hope he recovers just in time for an Essendon player to punch him in the nuts and him missing finals for retaliating.


He won’t play for 6 months,fark carlton are kidding themselves if they think he will be back before the middle of the year.

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Hopefully for us, but not him, he is rushed back al la Essendon style and misses the next 3 seasons.

He is a serious good player that those cartnz need.

I do not wish injuries on anyone but……



New year… same fark Carlton.


Fark Carlton players don’t get suspended they get Brownlow instead.

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Cool rant.
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Under-rated, if I do say so myself.


Fark Carlton


Fine. Have another.

It will be so good if they miss finals again this year. Enough talent on the field to challenge for a flag. Hope it never clicks.


Hate to say it but I rate them. Preparing for them to just miss top 4. Their capitulation in 2022 would be hard to replicate and really they should naturally improve anyway. Should.

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This whole post is just incorrect

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Unfortunately they have a lot pieces in place to give top 4 a shake they have

Two gun forwards Mckay and Curnow

A gun full back in Weitring

A midfield that has a nice mix of inside and outside players

Only weakness i see is ruck and some small forwards

Curnow had a one off season. He will never reach the same heights. Back it

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If we beat these ■■■■■■ couldnt care what happens for the rest of the season with us

Cant stand them must get pay back for spoiling oùr 150th year celebration game

so many things spoilt our 150th


True but Carlton beating us sits right at the top

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They have no depth at all. Injuries like Walsh’s will completely derail their season