Fark carlton continues


Now sit 13th and possibly could be 14th if tigers win tomorrow.

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Time to focus on how we Fark Collingwood in week 1 of the finals.



Totally agree.

I love the story behind what the coaching staff did after that prelim. Sheeds bought tickets to the 99 Grand Final and the players sat through it. It burned in their gut.

1999 was the catalyst for 2000 no doubt. 2000 was amazing and as a 15 year old I loved watching us win every week. But 1999 still hurts.

FARK Carlton


Picture tells 1000 words.

Fark Carlton.


My footy trainer was a strapper at Nth they started celebrating when we lost were very worried about us though.

Hilarious. LMAO


“The only thing they’re cooking is their memberships in the microwave”


We were never going to win in 1968. Carlton were the better team all year, and in the GF they were ahead of us all day, but their kicking for goal was atrocious. It was 7.16 Carlton to 8.5 us, i.e., 23 scoring shots to 13.

You’re right. With the same team they went something like 9-1 last year and started this year in much the same way. They’ll turn it around at some point. I just hope it’s not against us.

Not worth $5

They have some very good top end talent, though not performing (Mackay, Weitering arguably) or supposedly hampered by injury (Cripps). The remainder of their list is pretty ordinary, they’ve invested heavily at the top end.

Last year is potentially the anomaly as from memory they had a very favourable draw. This year coming off a slightly higher position they’re playing better teams and perhaps are showing where they are truly at.

We really should beat them on form, but they are a bogey side for us and I can see Curnow having a very good game against us.

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Would/should we make a play for McKay at the end of the season? Could we rebuild his confidence in front of goal?

I am of a similar opinion, but my brother-in-law a dyed in the wool Norf member is adamant that Essendon would have rolled them in the GF, just as we had during the H & A games.

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We were able to get Wright firing but arguably Mackay is more like Joe than 2MP. It’s a big risk and would cost a lot of salary cap and draft capital. I wouldn’t be overly keen on it.


They aren’t going to struggle to make the final 8, they are going to miss it completely and by a decent sized margin.

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I don’t know re making a play for him, hasn’t he signed a 100 year contract, they would want too much for him and don’t think he would be worth what they would want.

Hypothetically, hopefully we could rebuild his confidence just like 2MP.

The twin brother though, I would like to have a look at trying to get him. Haven’t seen a lot of him but what I have seen was OK.

If McKay keeps missing goals like he has been, the Blooos will be looking to tear up his contract and dump him cheap. It isn’t ever going to happen of course, but anything and everything is fair when putting the boots into Caaarlton.

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Those two pillocks just ran into each other. Spalding and Peter Dean(?).

But yes, it’s been great.