Fark carlton continues

Gross comment.


The failure to make the GF in 99 was a big catalyst for the effort and work rate of 2000. The players have spoken about it.


I know they have but I still think regardless of that result we would’ve won the next year. Maybe we might not have been as ruthless or convincing but we had a very good side.
Just a shame we underachieved massively, they had the talent to go down as one of the best of all time


Only just started to read about the controversies surrounding Sayers. Yeah he’s ■■■■■■!


Carlton were the next best side in 2000 and it was fortuitous that Jason Johnson collided knees with Kouta late in the season which screwed their chances and he was out for the season. They had only just ended their 13 game winning streak the week before.

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I caught up with a Fark Carlton supporter at work a couple of weeks ago. First thing he says to me is “I see you’re wearing a navy blue jumper”. I responded “Yeah, I can’t play footy either”.

Good times. FARK CARLTON!!


i donno, that’s kinda like reading a typical essendon response on here.

I wanna test a theory though.

who believes carlton are in a “development year” ?
who believes if carlton don’t make finals, it can still be considered a positive year, cos you know progress isn’t linear ?
would you buy it if a calton supporter said, don’t worry this is just our preseason form, you don’t want to be peaking in march, or half way through the year ?
carlton are a young side, it takes time ?
it also takes time to learn a new gameplan ?

Wanna know the only difference between carlton and essendon these days, the colour of their jumpers, the rest is pretty much identical, from players, to coaches to boards to off field people with influence disrupting the joint.

Donno how anyone can sit there are laugh at them, we were in the same boat last year, and if history repeats we will either be back there next year or not to long after.

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At least they moved on their dud list manager :rofl:

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I think comparing our club to Carlton right now is ridiculous. You’re not helping your cause with posts like this!

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I’m probably in the minority in here but I do think Carlton have enough good players on their list to be a finals threat. Something is obviously not clicking for them yet. Whether that be a coaching thing, mental thing, cultural thing…I’m not quite sure, but something is not right.
I remember thinking the same thing with Melbourne before they won their premiership. I looked at their list and thought they had most of the pieces there to be a great team. Everyone was saying at that time that they were slow and one dimensional and had no quality outside midfield runners. Carlton are in the same boat in my opinion.

Regardless, I just gonna enjoy them being mediocre still (for now)


And the hits just keep coming.

I’d suggest laying off the “it’s OK to hit a women if she teases you” line of argument…


It wasn’t a woman, it was my big sister, and she was much bigger than me. Just a little kid standing up for himself.

You don’t hit women or actually anybody, even on a footy field.

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Your sisters a dude?


What a fantastic year for Fark Carlton. Just fantastic.

2 x Coleman Medallists and the current Brownlow medallist and looks like they’ll struggle to make the 8 again :joy:

Cerra got a one match ban for his sling tackle last night. Will be back to face us the week after.

Carlton won’t have Cerra next week. Got a one match ban.

Just had a read of this. Big surprise, Carlton with another criminal as president (although we had that piece of ■■■■ crook Evans…)

Love how his wife is the director of a “charity”. The not for profit sector is a massive rort in this country, the industry needs to be turned on its head.

Moral of the story, become a consultant, there’s your licence to print money.


The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has done an article on the international ramifications of the transgressions of its Australian arm