Fark carlton continues

The good old honest Carlton medical team have cleared him, saying he couldn’t breathe after copping a hit to the neck/throat area.

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They also said they tested him after the game and he passed. Which begs the question if the footage and response from weitering was clear it wasn’t concussion why did they need to test him later. Well because it can’t be definitive and therefore he should have been tested immediately.


The only time I could barrack for Melbourne is when they were playing Carlscum or Collingwood.
They blew both. So Fark Melbourne

Does anyone know the real reason Saad left Essendon? It was very strange given he’d requested to come, hadn’t been there long, was playing well and seemingly got along with everyone.

joe-the-goose gunna dance on weiter’s head
which will make me ill
but I’ll accept it for 1 match.

I have seen way too many people in FC gear over the past 24 hours. This is Rads. I can only imagine what it must be like in Melbs.

Talk about rubbing salt into the wound.

Because he is a money hungry rat.

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To his defense he does have a face of a punch drunk boxer at the best of times & has a penchant for transferring large amounts of cash to scammers with the cognitive ability of a Rastafarian at a Cypress Hill concert

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is there run of wins going to end similarly to port’s with a loss and some ???s re whether they can seriously challenge for a premiership?

vote YES fark carlton are still CRAP
just got lucky and managed to play above themselves for a few weeks
I hope

I’m sick of typing Fark Carlton, I therefore will refer to then as Farlton from now on.


Just glad I’m in Canada atm. Having Carlton, Collingwood and Brisbane in prelims would be sickening being out and about in Melbourne. Most of their supporters that I know are insufferable ■■■■■■ at the best of times…
I just hope, or maybe pray, that this sticks in the craw of the Bombers players/management and is the catalyst for some improvement next year.

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Me too, but I still think the only thing they’ll acknowledge is if memberships/finances were to decline - money talks.

If finances decline they’ll gut the football department again and charge more for memberships.

I fled to Brisbane to get away from FC a few weeks ago, and now they’re following me here!


what about Fuckton?
Little Miss Grammar is quite comfortable with this variation.

Could win the flag. Not pleased we turned their season around.





Fark Carlton



STFU siren.