Fark the Bin Chickens. And the post they climbed up on. Team speculation here!

Hope hooker jumps on the post when we win and shoves it up Rampes ■■■■


Didn’t see the game today but a few tweets saying Clarke was soundly beaten in the VFL. Is that true??

If so, do we have any other option?

Wasn’t soundly beaten.

He was OK. Didn’t really inspire too much confidence for this week though.

Clarke played better than I expected. His around the ground movement was pretty good, certainly better than Bellchambers mobility lately.


Yep, I thought he actually went pretty good myself.

Also, . Fark Sydee.

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10 goal win. We owe these ■■■■■ a smashing.

I probably had that first dropped mark etched in my mind for the rest of the game.

Didn’t we just play these ■■■■■?



In Clarke, Stringer, Guelfi
Out: Bell, Brown, Begley

Emg: Brown, Snelling, Hartley


The most we can expect Zac Clarke to do next week is to give us a contest in the ruck. He will have next to no influence around the ground.

He was recruited for the sole purpose of helping us out over the next few weeks (in case of a Bellchambers injury). The typical “BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” type… his time is now and the least he can do is pay us back with some solid games. But yeah… don’t expect Simon Madden II and give the guy a break.


Sydney won’t have a ruckman either. Sinclair dislocated his shoulder twice in their game, surely he won’t come up.

Sinclair won’t play but I think we could comfortably conclude that Sydney’s back up ruck is still probably ahead of Zac Clarke.

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Well Sydney will play that ruckman they got in the mid-season draft, Knoll, I think he’s the guy we were thinking of drafting. Their other ruck choices in Sam Naismith and Darcy Cameron are injured.
I suspect it will be a 0-0 draw in the ruck.

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Yeah you are being tough on him. 2nd 1/4 he set up really well and stopped a lot of their run through the middle and his marking and tap work was pretty good.


Will be interesting to see if they pick the big unit from the sanfl… knoll? And if we stick with McKernan and bring in Snelling or pick Clarke. Could be two sanfl mid season draftees in the same game

If there’s no match up for Hooker, then stick with the way we lined up last week in Q4, and bring in another mid.

Can’t see Alir Alir being able to peel off with Hooker back there.


What have Sydney got in the way of talls?
Can Hurley and Francis handle them?

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He was his usual flavour of alright

Won the taps
Moved OK
A few skill errors
Zero physical presence

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Bin chickens.




Line ups from this weekend