At the request of @bltn, I welcome you all to our fashion thread. Feel free to discuss all things fashion. If you’re looking for advice I should be able to help.

I’ll start… my 36 year old friend(female) only today told me she wants to buy denim overalls. I told her she is absolutely not allowed to as she’s not 12 years old, nor is she a farmer.


Is she milking her own goat on half an acre in the backyard ?
That may be passable :rofl:

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All those really fancy, outrageous outfits you see at fashion shows. Does anybody actually wear them?

I suspect that if 80% of the “creative” minds in the fashion industry disappeared, we wouldn’t be any worse off.

There’s a reason why every dystopian movie shows people wearing the same outfits.

Good, honest, straight forward, no-nonsense, practical advice. I like it.

Just don’t let @bltn highjack the thread.


Should we also have a style thread?

Those shows are extreme (like wearing bubble wrap, etc) but usually a watered down version makes it to production/stores, like maybe a shirt with a bubble wrap pattern/print.

Leopard print is huge ATM, you can bet it was sparked by some looney famous designer who went nuts with leopards on the catwalk.

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I wouldn’t dare.
I’ll leave the fashion tips to Stace.

What I would say is, and it’s relevant to the OP, I did make a mistake in my mid teens.
I went to the Royal Melbourne Show in triple denim :man_facepalming:t2:


Isn’t it Fashun?


Look fine to me


Over all my years I’ve never found anything more useless to society, or bereft of any positive points, than Fashion, and/or the pursuit of being “Fashionable”.

Absolutely pointless industry with no redeeming qualities. (soz :confused:)

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It’s also one of the biggest contributors to global slavery and child labour.


The only thought I ever give to fashion is deciding which pair of black 501 jeans should I wear.


I love animal print. It’s so versatile and makes the plainest of outfits look more exciting.


I vote for home decor next.

Cool story.


Is she thinking of getting into stand up comedy? The overall is the staple go to for female comedians.

PS - this is in reply to the OP

I gave up on fashion in 1984 at the age of 14 when I was late riding the lemon jumper/ pink jumper craze which had been vogue in Melbourne’s east.

Having scrimped and saved my paper-round money, I finally bought myself an outfit consisting of not only a lemon jumper, but also cream baggies with crocheted apricot belt and cream Ciaks for shoes (anyone remember them?) in preparation for a date that coming weekend.

Accompanied by my then home-tipped and blow-waved mullet I must’ve looked like I was auditioning to be the new keyboard player for Pseudo Echo.

On the day, as I walked through Eastland - to get to the station and catch the train - I became acutely aware that the lemon jumper and baggies phase may perhaps have passed. I became even more cognisant of that fact in a tense 10-15 minute ride to Boronia Station (I believe the folks of Heathmont, Bayswater and Boronia - hell, of every suburb along the Belgrave line) may not have even been aware it had been “a thing”.

On disembarking at Boronia Station and arriving at the cinema, the crestfallen look of the girl I was meeting said it all… I had completely missed the boat (and missed the mark). My hopes of a cheap fumble in the back row during Electric Dreams had just been totally dashed.

While I do consider myself very fortunate to have made out of Boronia (in that get-up) without getting the s h i t kicked out of me, it was that day which convinced me that fashion is a mug’s game and should under no circumstances be pandered to.



A pic of said outfit would be most amusing, perhaps with your face blurred :joy:


Unless of course she is channeling DMR


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She’s not. But I will advise her of this fact in case she is not taking my advice. She hates public speaking so this will put her off for sure.

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