Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

Yeah, just came to post that. It’s interesting as watching I hadn’t thought he was express, and combine he didn’t measure as the top end, but then he records the fastest through the year. Still, even if I assume it was 34.9 kph, it doesn’t seem that fast for highest speed recorded all year. Perhaps there was only limited data and limited games where players wore the trackers.

Either way, he’s definitely quick enough.

For comparison he would be in our quickest few players



Wow, sounds very painful!

It’s interesting. Do we ever look at Zac Merrett and think “he’s quick”?

I do with Merrett, I was surprised to see Guelfi in there tbh

This is measured over what kind of distance, and how though? Through GPS I’m guessing?

Difference between quick with the ball over 50m and quick off the mark for fast disposal, variable in there for sure I’m guessing. Lovett and Alwyn snr. were quick, with the ball, over 25-50m. We don’t often see Merrett or Guelf do that, but we do with Hind and Redman.


He has had a few quick run down tackles in the past.


I think it used to be a feature when he started, since he’s played big midfield minutes he’s a touch slower

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Any distance, its top speed


That could lead to some interesting mathematics…

This been posted yet?

It is believed three clubs are interested in Essendon Next Generation Academy member Anthony Munkara, who the Bombers will be hoping slides past the first 40 picks which are protected from Academy bids being matched.

Sides such as Fremantle (30, 43 and 44), Port Adelaide (33) Hawthorn (41) and North Melbourne (40) have picks that are in the danger zone for Essendon.

Where from?

Was only today Twomey reiterated that it’s more than likely Munkara doesn’t get bid on before 40.


I have a feeling it’s something like “top speed over a 10m sprint”

Keeping in mind it’s measured off a GPS, I don’t have any idea how accurate it really is over those short segments.

Herald sun


Nah he will get to the Dons. Other teams have gone cold on him.

Going to be a lot of disapointed Essendon fans when he gets picked by one of those clubs

Essendon taking a massive gamble hoping he slides past pick 40 imo

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I didn’t write the article, unsure who where it has come from. But with all the publicity he’s had I won’t be surprised, can’t name any other Academy kids with that kind of publicity.

Surely even Cal Twomey can’t know what every team is thinking of doing in regards to Munkara.

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I think the club needs to aquire a pick in the 30-40 range just in case


I can see one of Freo or Melbourne take him

I’m still 100pc confident my post from last week is accurate


Are you able to elaborate on the source? Understand if not. Also, could things have changed since then?

I do remember reading that, and hope you are right.

I’m kinda on the Nino side of things, I hope we somehow get a pick around 30 for him.