Next Generation Academies

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Salary cap doesn’t work to level the teams out now. Guys nearly always sign for a bit less to where they want to go.

Honestly I think the maximum list size needs to increase by 5, or maybe even 8.

Leave the cap minimum and max as they are.
Clubs down the bottom can choose to use more list spots, to take more swings at the draft.
Clubs up the top spend the same money on fewer, better players.


They can trade picks up the draft ahead of 40?

maximum list size is 44 now.
In the old days it was 50.

I would increase list sizes by 2 for the next 3 years, just to stagger it. But clubs can choose to run with less.
Makes more sense to the VFL lists and second tier comp they are establishing. also means need less VFL listed players.


Well, they can, but they have to find a team willing to trade a pick inside 40 for two ■■■■■■ picks that are not worth that much. They could add future picks I suppose, but would they really be that keen on Munkara?

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My mail from a very good source is we are more likely than not to get Munkara.
We are not worried about an early bid from another club. While there’s small interest from some clubs, all clubs have been put off Munkara.

I don’t know what other clubs are thinking but
it’s to do with off-field issues. Nothing serious though.

So we will wait to call his name out after pick 40 or even later, adding him as rookie.


Tom Browne, please.


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We just need to give Eddie Betts all the money and support he needs/wants to run our indigenous programs across AFL/VFL/Women’s footy.

The most impressive thing about Walla’s career to date is that he’s achieved everything with little if any indigenous mentors at the club.


nek minute Melbourne take him with 38

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Well, not really. They also traded out their 2023 first, so must keep a 2023 second and third round picks. So, they don’t have much to trade with.



Taha selected in the VIC Metro training hub


What type of player is he??

I know absolutely nothing about him.

182cm forward/mid. Might transition to more midfield time next year.


He trained at the club today with Ryan Eyre

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Who is our next father son to look forward to?

Another Davey in 2 years?


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Noah Caracella?

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