Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

A lot and not all of it for the better!

Noah Caracella makes his debut for Geelong Falcons today


How did he go?

Kicked a goal. Don’t know any more than that cos i can’t navigate the fkg GameDay app to find any bloody stats.


1.1, 8 disposals, 3 marks, 1 tackle

Haven’t watched the game yet myself

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Get the “Talent League” app for live(ish?) stats.

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The sum up from @THE_DON1 (Ed pascoe) on the Lunchtime Catchup podcast,

Koby Bewick - already at his old mans height at 14 years old (big midfielder for age)
23 goals from 6 matches as a midfielder
ball use & footy IQ unreal
good athlete - pushes hard forward and back.
can kick on the run or set shots.
will be playing interleague very soon.
reminds of nick daicos / Aschroft etc at that age.


Be still my beating heart


Although a whole load is definitely for the better

Just wait on the AFL to find a way to screw us

I heard he was born in Tasmania during a family holiday…

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Did he say that? I thought he just referenced that those two were also highly rated players that played interleague at that age so although its a bit young to be making calls, the fact he is highly rated is a good indication that it will follow through to older age group football.

said reminded him of Daicos at that age - more so in the way he worked hard running forward and back and knowing when to go.
Then listed others that played interleague at a young age later - like Ashcroft, Reid, Daicos etc

sorry if misquoting you Ed.

they already are not allowing us to draft a 14 yr old


see that soccer clip of sunderland 15 year old kid coming on and kicking a goal


is it weird im getting super excited thinking about a 14 year old

More relevant…


When you phrase it like that, yes, yes it is


9 goals today from Koby Bewick


Can we hide him somewhere?