Favourite Debut Albums

So I was looking through some old threads and couldn’t find a thread listing people’s favourite debut albums…so I thought I’d start one as there are never enough music threads on Blitz :wink:

The idea is to name your top ten debut albums…not the most popular, not the most critically acclaimed…but the ten that you like the most for whatever reason.

So have a bit of a think and show us what your ten favourite debut albums are.

It’s damn hard culling it down to just ten albums but here’s my effort:

The Cars - The Cars
The Church - Of Skins and Heart
Dire Straits - Dire Straits
The Doors - The Doors
Heart - Dreamboat Annie
Pearl Jam - Ten
The Tea Party - Splendor Solis
Skyhooks - Living In The 70s
Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Tears For Fears - The Hurting


Man, we must have some connection, coz I was thinking of this exact topic yesterday.

Will get back with mine. You’ve made my day a bit brighter.:love_you_gesture:

Now I have to remember what I was listening to…


This came about as I was listening to Of Skins and Heart and that got me thinking about debut albums…and here we are.


Something along the lines of (in no particular order):
Editors - The Back Room
The Kickback - Sorry All Over The Place
Weddings Parties Anything - Scorn Of The Women
Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric’s
Pretenders -Self-titled
Weezer - Blue Album
Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
Cheap Trick - Self-titled
The La’s - Self-titled
Stone Roses - Self-titled

Ups & Downs - Sleepless (technically it’s an 8-track EP but bugger it…)
The The - Soul Mining (technically it’s not MJ’s first album I suppose…)

And, to be honest, I’m not convinced any of these acts ever bettered these releases…

Liable to change on any given day though…


Off the top of my head (will be missing lots)

RATM - untitled
Bjork - debut
PJ - Ten
Wu Tang Clan - Enter the Wu Tang
Trentmoller - last resort
Bon Ivor - For Emma forever ago
Strokes - is this it
Foals - Antidotes
Plump Djs - a plump night out
NWA - straight outa Compton
Grinspoon - guide to better living


I’d struggle to be sure of many acts’ debut albums!

Add my votes to the Doors, the Church, and the Weddos per above posts.

Can I add an obvious and a couple of less obvious ones (correct me if any are not debuts!)

Crowded house -eponymous
Nick drake - Five Leaves Left
Adem - Homesongs
My Friend the Chocolate Cake - eponymous

Edit - I think Tom Waits first is Closing Time - a ripper (to me)

Awesome idea with a thread. Will write my answers after some research when I get home.

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Weddings bettered that with The Big Don’t Argue (imo)


Not sure Appetite For Destruction could be topped for a debut album.


Agree but the debut still good. Actually I like the later more ballady ones like Riveresque, Donkey Serenade also but the early stuff is awesome too.

And yet I didn’t even consider it in my top twenty.

That’s one of the things that make these lists fun (and interesting).

It’s all just based on personal opinion…no right or wrong.

The first three are all pretty good, but the first is just superb. The storytelling in the lyrics (title track, Shotgun Wedding, She Works etc) is phenomenal.


I reckon we’ll be able to give advice in a respectful way - unlike the majority of threads - the music ones are very egalitarian.
(Except the DJ Thread).


I like all their stuff…The Big Don’t Argue is my sentimental favourite as it was the first album of theirs that I bought (after seeing them support U2).


This and PJ Ten are the two that completely floored me, remember clearly the time hearing both Alive and Sweet child o mine. Farking great memories goin back.


Classic Bakes quote.

We all know you’ve never (might be a slight exaggeration) liked any album from any artist post third album :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Plus’ The Big Don’t Argue’ would probably be the only album name inspired by advertising for a hot dog.

Interesting… my recollection was that it came from a caption on a Tony Lockett photo in the sportspages of the paper (Mick Thomas being a renowned Sainter and all…)
Happy to be wrong though…


I heard Mick Thomas somewhere (on radio?) say it was based on a description of a fight/scuffle being a big version of the familiar Huttons Footy Frank shove. Then it suddenly made sense.

I guess it’s possible the paper captioned a pic of Lockett that way - because of the Huttons line.

It’s also possible my recollection is messed up! Either way I’m sure it through whatever route comes ultimately from the Huttons ad.


This came up in a Twitter debate recently.
She actually released a self-titled album in Iceland as a 13 year-old (which I wasn’t previously aware of).

She’s pretty much airbrushed it from her history though…