Favourite/least favourite Xmas ads?

Here’s two that remind me that the advertisers think “you can never lose the viewer’s hearts if it’s a little girl”:

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What’s this got to do with Mr Bean?


This really clears up the weirdness of the previous thread…


I shared these in the Holiday and Seasonal Commercials thread on another site. A woman said she didn’t realise the cheese advert was so old and she liked cheese.

Well with stunning conversation like that, I’m not surprised you decided to try and recreate that magic on another forum.


One is an ad for cheese, the other is an ad for a telephone company. Hardly something to object about.

What if he’s Jewish and lactose intolerant?

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Where do I sign up

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Surely Easter is more topical.

So many favourites immediately spring to mind I don’t know where to start!

That can’t possibly be real he said as he googled to see if it was real.

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10 months top early, or 2 months too late.

So is it real? I have no idea.

After seeing the “release the goo” Creme Egg commercials on TV, I just knew I had to make this.
So I did.

It would appear not.
Still awesome though.

Be careful @JollySlugg, this is what happens to slugs who take the P1ss out of Xmas.

Now this is a thread for the ages. Love the timing of it too.

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Need to change my tagline to an Eastern suburbs high school, like all the cool kids.

That would actually solve a few problems, if you think about it.

It’s the fact that it’s over for another year enough. Yeez.

Two very Blitz threads within a week though. You started the Mr. Bean one yeah?