Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1970s

They haven’t aged we’ll im guessing compared to what’s available now.

Not a fan of horror at all?

Not in the slightest. Saw a few in my 20’s. That’ll do me.


Same here. The closest l ever got to a horror movie was seeing Alien in a theatre. I went with a mate from work. Neither of us knew what to expect. It scared the daylights out of both of us, genuine fright. He refused to consider it science fiction as a result.

Okay. I’ve looked at filmsite.org for a list of films that are usually regarded as the best of each year. I’ve seen some but by no means all of them (eg I’ve never actually seen all of Jaws). What I’ve done below is list, for each year, my personal favourite film, and then others I like a lot. Sometimes I can’t split two or three as favourite, and in those cases I have put double or triple favourite.

Favourite: Catch-22
Others: Patton, Gimme Shelter, Claire’s Knee, MASH

1971 (great year)
Favourite: Sunday ■■■■■■ Sunday, Klute
Others: Get Carter, McCabe and Mrs Miller, Two Lane Blacktop

Favourite: Cabaret
Others: The Candidate, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Godfather

1973 (great year)
Favourite: The Long Goodbye, The Day of the Jackal
Others: American Graffiti, Badlands, Day for Night, Don’t Look Now, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Save the Tiger, The Sting

Favourite: Chinatown
Others: The Conversation

Favourite: None
Others: Barry Lyndon, Night Moves, The Passenger, Dog Day Afternoon

Favourite: Rocky
Others: All the President’s Men, Taxi Driver

Favourite: Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever
Others: 3 Women

Favourite: Days of Heaven
Others: Heaven Can Wait, The Last Waltz

1979 (great year)
Favourite: Alien, Nosferatu the Vampire
Others: Apocalypse Now, The China Syndrome, Kramer vs Kramer, The Marriage of Maria Braun


Nice to see Barry Lyndon get a mention.

I don’t understand the love for Barry Lyndon. To me, it’s an overbloated borefest.


l thought the same when l first saw it at first release in the cinema. As a result l have never revisited it. The Ryan O’Neill character in particular failed to interest/engage.

l get that the whole film was trying to be literary, as in reflect the literature of the time, but that didn’t stop me from almost falling asleep.

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I put it in because it comes into my mind quite often. I thought it was boring when I saw it, but several scenes have stayed with me. I hesitated before mentioning it but decided I would.

I only watched it a few months ago (for the first time). I was really looking forward to it and watched the whole damned thing.

3 hours and six minutes of my life I will never get back

It was such a disappointment :frowning:

l feel the same about when l went to watch it, only l paid to see it in a cinema.

Can’t believe I only just noticed these threads. Awesome idea for a thread!

70- airport
71- French connection
72- the Poseidon adventure
73- westworld
74- towering inferno( juggernaut is very good too)
75- jaws
76- rocky
77- Star Wars
78-death on the Nile
79- alien( was incredibly hard not to pick Kramer v.s Kramer or Rocky 2)

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Then try this one as well:

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