Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1980s


Some classics in here lads. Movies were just better as a kid and less other technology to occupy our time so movies were it. Used to love the $3 weekly rentals. I’d go nuts on Horror movies.

Not sure of the years, but of those mentioned above my faves were:

American Warewolf
The Lost Boys
Stand by Me
Indiana Jones Ark and Doom
Empire Strikes back
Back to the Future
Beetle juice
Evil dead
Elm st
Friday 13th
Labyrinth (despite Bowie in those pants)
Dark Crystal

All classics.


I’ve never really liked commando, wouldn’t even know who directed it.

And I luv the guv.




Yeah, Commando isn’t one of his stronger films. Still some classic Arnie one liners though.


So many legit LOL moments in that film.

Easily the best out of all the vacation films for mine


Cousin Eddie provided many of em. If our dunny is ever on the blink, I invoke Cousin Eddie.



“there’s a disturbance in Piccadilly Circus involving some kind of mad dog”.


l saw Commando for the first time a couple of years ago. It is bad, real bad, so bad as to be laughable, when it isn’t meant to be a comedy. A steaming pile of excrement.


You’re a filthy Myers hater, but man, I respect that list !

Yes, I have a long memory :grin:


That’s all it’s got! It’s brilliant for how bad it is. Especially Bennett.

“Suspect is 6’4” brown hair. Heee’s ooone giiiigantic muthaf…r” :joy:




l meant to say dog excrement, but l am sure you get the gist.


That’s a good line - even though ‘mad dog’ is a gargantuan understatement. :rofl:

My recollections from that flick:

The Slaughtered Lamb pub (um, fair/inviting name).
The bar flies telling em to “Beware the moon” & “Stick to the road” - even though they know they are both goneski.
Jack’s zombie face, post mauling, & his one-liners.
The Nurse, the shower scene, OMFG. Yes. :wink:


I’m guessing you watch it alone with the curtains drawn closed :wink:


Back in the 80s? Hell yeah! :blush:

Haven’t revisited it in donkeys. Have you seen it?


Die hard isn’t a christmas movie, its a movie that takes place during christmas.

its a total rubbish people keep perpetuating this bs.


Seems to be just the last few years people keep pushing it as one. It’s one of my all-time faves but I’ve never chosen it for Christmas viewing.


I loved Highlander at the time, but the movie itself has not aged well. Ferris on the other hand, just gets better with age.


Highlander is one of my stocky ‘come home drunk & play a movie’ options. I end up drinking more, thinking I’m immortal & singing Queen songs like I’m in a private karaoke booth. My wife & son aren’t impressed the following day & I avoid my neighbours for weeks. :wink:


The soundtrack was genius.