Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1980s


Gee, I hope I’m not the only one who has returned home drunk, put it on & belted out ‘Who wants to live forever?’ :joy:


Mate, I don’t need to be drunk to do that. It is high on my list of want to play songs in the DJ thread, but I like it to much to subject it to the punters in there.


You have my vote & support in :wink: our first-to-seven system, so I reckon it would make it through (you only need six votes). Then again, history, hey?


As I enjoyed them then

1980 Blues brothers

1981 Stripes

1982 Raiders

1983 ET

1984 Trading places

1985 Back to the future

1986 Big Trouble in little China

1987 Raising Arizona/

1988 A fish called Wanda

1989 Dead Poets


No, honest haven’t seen it. But now I’m gonna look it up.


I saw it again on tv this year.
Still really stands up.


Dude he was coming home to his wife and kids for Xmas…and 1 thing led to another.


Nobody’s sitting the kids in front of the telly to watch Die Hard and saying Merry Chistmas and a yippie-ki-aye, mother-■■■■■■■.


What is the movie called? I am now intrigued.


Like I said previously Gruber thought it was Xmas until McClane ■■■■■■ with his plans.
It’s set on Xmas Eve
It’s got 1 of the best Xmas songs ever by Run DMC.
And who could ever forget…


Yes, loved that movie!


Well you, we some people can but…who says a Xmas movie is suppose to be for the kids?
Take a look at Hans Cristian Anderson stories…all his Xmas stories have sad endings…but made into a movie and it’s all wonderful, happy, cheerful.
For instance are you going to tell your kids the true story of A little match Girl?


It’s the difference between a Christmas movie and a movie that happens to be set at Christmas.
You can call Silent Night, Deadly Night a Christmas movie if you like, but I think that would be a bit silly.
But fine, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie in exactly the same way as that film.


Also, Gremlins should not be considered a Christmas movie either, imo, because of the Santa Clause.


Wasn’t Gizmo a Xmas :gift:.
Gremlins were made when the :gift: goes wrong!
Ever had a Xmas :gift: go wrong? My 1st bike went wrong when Nan had a ride of it. She fell off and near broke her ankle. She still tells stories about it. Aren’t they some of the best Xmas stories? The bike recovered.


Mine can watch it.
they’ll still be trying to kill each other in a sugar induced state anyway.
Yippee ki yay little sister


if this line isn’t worthy of an oscar i don’t know what is


Shout out for BMX bandits.


clearly, you rate iron man 3.


Both commando and iron man 3 are both better than that overrated film sicario