Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1990s


I liked Swingers (1996)…no one else has mentioned it.


The git that runs around in his knickers and shows off for the cameras is what charms him :wink::joy::rofl:


What about Eye ball Paul?


Cable guy hugely underrated.
Even though it nearly ruined Jim Carey’s career according to some.


I had one female teacher at school. She was Stephen McBurney’s grandmother and about 60 at the time (1962-63), and a female librarian with a disproportionately huge rack.


Anyone else given any love for Rushmore?


Not from me. I find Wes Anderson pretty boring, but nowhere near as boring as Jim Jarmusch.


Was Curtis involved with K&P Go Large?


No. Pure hate.


Haha, add in Hal Hartley and we can definitely never have a film night together.


Don’t even know who Hal Hartley is. I have no doubt you’re right, so keep the ■■■■ away from me.

Edit…just looked him up. Never seen anything he did, and never will (voluntarily).


Very underrated. Dark comedy, the bit where he is warming up to play basketball is classic Jim carrey


Hi captain jack
Googled Europa and mistook it for “Europa Europa” which also was a good movie. Not sure why I’m telling you this but check it out.


I can’t stand gattaca, witness and the truman show, all movies i had to study at school.


Has any one mentioned Scream. Not a master piece but very enjoyable and probably one of the better movies of its genre.


it revived its genre.


Hey man nice shot


I caught bits of Trust on Foxtel a few times and found them pretty compelling. But I’ve never seen one of his from beginning to end. He was a kind of cult hero for a while that people either loved or hated. He seems to have disappeared from view now.




Bulworth 1998 was a very funny movie