Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 1990s


I liked it. Also like Jarmusch and Hartley. Mystery Train is great.

Which reminds me, has anyone mentioned Short Cuts (Altman)? Should have that in my list too. 1993. Another good one from 93, though not popular, was The Music Of Chance.

Should have put a bit more thought into my list.


Primal fear is a movie i wish i could watch for the first time again.


Galaxy quest
Holy grail
Life of Brian


Observe and report


I like Short Cuts, but haven’t seen it in years. I had Down By Law in my 80s list, but really like every Jarmusch film in his run from Stranger Than Paradise to Night On Earth and watch them every couple of years or so.


Yeah, the Tom Waits connection reminded me of Short Cuts.


I thought that Limits of Control, Dead Man and Broken Flowers were pretty much as boring as you could get. If it wasn’t for Paz de la Huerta in LoC, that would have been a total loss.

I’ve straight out given up on Anderson. I think Moonrise Kingdom was the most recent I’ve seen, but just pretentious tripe.


Yeah, we got the msg the first time Noons. Actually thought Moonrise K was a fairly ordinary movie.

Tennenbaums was good.

Broken Flowers was great.

I’m sure our tastes cross over somewhere - if briefly.


I’m not a big Anderson fan, but Rushmore was great. Other have moments, but I think it’s his overall auteurism that impresses.

Dead Man is slow, for sure, but the cinematography and Neil Young’s score really elevate it. I’d completely forgotten Limits of Control, so yeah not a keeper.

Are there any recent directors, 90s on, that aren’t hit and miss? Christopher Nolan maybe. Miyazaki.




Coen Brothers have some great stuff, but probably one third are misses.


Oh damn, what year was ‘Following’?

Edit: 1998. Another one I missed. Though same year as Lebowski, so tough work.


I’m probably, almost certainly, going to be caned for this but: I thought The Dark Knight Rises and Inception were, at least, extremely disappointing - and often the overblown rubbish that passes for genius. Inception was a wankfest - Rises was a joke to fund the wankfest. He had set a high bar, but slipped in the mud underneath it.

Dark Knight was amazing. Loved Memento and Following. Otherwise, the more $ he had the more the quality waned. Probably no coincidence.


Nolan in general is overrated.

The Dark Knight is a masterpiece then he has some nice films


I loved all of Arronofskys films until Mother, that was a step to far and despite some good things it was a mess of a film.


I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Knight, Inception, Memento, Dunkirk, and plenty will likely show up in my lists. Others were solid, I’ve not felt disappointed by any films of his I’ve seen. But no caning, it’s all subjective.


‘Following’, would be hard to find, but keep an eye out if you haven’t seen it.

I loved the concept of Inception, but it went too - action blockbuster. Concept got lost.

As you said though - subjective. Have had interesting discussions with a film reviewer friend along the same lines. Good art generally does that.


I don’t think Nolan has made a bad movie. At his worst they are still beautifully shot, watchable and some sort of mental hook.

Just some don’t reach the heights of his others.


As I said, he set the bar high.


I’ll have to try and see Following.

Cuaron would be another who pretty much guarantees I’m gonna enjoy it.