Final Round Non Essendon Games


Last chance to use:


And you have done so courageously.




Is Hodge playing his last game or something? I feel like someone should probably have mentioned that


You reckon we’re not capable of beating jokes further into the ground years after they’ve been declared dead?




Not looking forward to the carry on from mckevaney about hodge tonight


You can use it next we…oh…never mind


I haven’t heard anything about it. Very courageous of him to be playing his last game if true.


I hope he courageously gets smacked in the mouth.


I bet he courageously snipes about 6 blokes for a total of 8 weeks at the MRP.


I’m actually heading to the game tonight. Booked tickets weeks ago when I thought it would be down to this game (Doggies’ losing) for Essendon to have a shot at finals.

Pleasantly surprised with how it’s turned out though. Still would like Hawks to win.


“Weeeeell, that’s disappointing…” - Bruce.




“It’s such a shame because that’s never what he’s been about…”


“You just get the feeling that this next elbow to the back of a bloke’s head is important”


We’re capable but not to capaciry.




“Oooh very uncharacteristic behaviour from Hodgey, isn’t it?”


600 on the line, I’m leading tipping by 3

I’m really really not sure about 2 games. Tonight, and cats v gws. Thoughts?