Final Round Non Essendon Games

Let’s hope he courageously tries to decaptiate someone on a goalpost, just for old times sake

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“Ab-so-lutely Bruce, champion of the game, great leader, let’s see if I can be a bit more generic” - Lingy

“Thanks for that Lingy” - Bruce


Hawks and cats i reckon

Last chance for mitchell and hodge to do a back or neck or spine…heres hoping

“He’s been a great player for the Hawks, Bruce. He’s played in premierships and had a long career. I don’t make obvious statements and offer zero insight” - Lingy

“Well said by the Geelong premiership captain aye?” - Bruce


What the???

Then jumps behind the wheel after a few too many celebratory bevvies.

Actually no, I hope he doesn’t do that…

No Talia, no Tex. JJ Kennedy to kick 10 and eagle beat adelaide by 80 points…

Can’t believe people are shocked the Crows have rested players, have been saying for weeks that was their intent

West Coast are rubbish.

Adelaide will still smash them.

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Adelaide will be stinging over Swans loss but those two outs certainly help WC cause hugely.

Do they really want to be resting players for 2 consecutive weeks? Talia and Tex are listed as minor injuries

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very risky from the crows. Because if they win their first final they will have only played once in 4 weeks

Tex has been carrying a niggle for a few weeks and was going to be rested against us but they wanted to lock in top 2 first.
Pyke has stated all along that if players aren’t near 100% they would miss this week. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few more come out yet

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Pre season bye did the job. Another AFLX master stroke.


Sounds like Greenwood may be rested by the Crows aswell

Who cares about the crows v eagles game? Smash freo (as we should) and the game is irrelevant

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The lid on thread says for you to SHUT UP.


Kinda sad that Talia was actually carrying when we played them…

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I seriously lol’d.