FINAL TEAM VS PORT (For those who are too lazy to look in the other thread)

Essendon has made one change for the match against Port Adelaide on Sunday.

Matt Guelfi has been included in the side. Conor McKenna will miss due to suspension.

Essendon vs. Port Adelaide
Sunday April 15th
1:10pm (AEST)
Etihad Stadium

B – Baguley, Hurley, Saad
HB – Merrett, Brown, Zaharakis
C – Fantasia, Stringer, McGrath
HF – Guelfi, Daniher, Smith
F – Heppell, Hooker, Stewart
R – Bellchambers, Goddard, McDonald-Tipungwuti
I/C – Myers, Green, Begley, Parish

EMERGENCY – Langford, McKernan, Hartley, J.Merrett


This is the thread where we ask where the ■■■■ is langford?

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That means he won’t even get to play VFL being named as an emergency.

I like it.

B: Baguley Hooker Brown
HB: Saad. Hurley McGrath
C: Goddard Smith Guelfi
HF: Fantasia Daniher Stringer
F: Begley Stewart Green
R: Belly Heppell Zerrett

B: Zaka Parish TIPPA Myers**

Definitely looks more balanced.

Hooker back. Stringer fwd. TIPPA more mid time.


Hopefully structural & attitude change comes.


What photos has David Myers got?


And Hartley neither for the second week.

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Hooker is back, and that forward line on paper is dig. Let them settle and play their roles ffs.

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Stability. I like it.

Not sure if I’m serious or not.


Well we were very stable in not going anywhere near the ball against the Dogs.

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checking back sunday evening.


We only held two out last week because we knew we had a late omission (Dea).

There will have to be serious consideration as to who to play and at what level, given the upcoming AFL four day break and the VFL bye.

Yay for Begley. Getting games into him.


One forced change after getting beaten by the bottom of the ladder?


One change

Not one bloke dropped after one hell of a poor effort. Classic


Do we assume that if Conor wasn’t suspended we’d have no changes this week?


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where’s all the people now who said myers is a definate out ?

he will never be dropped, never. he could literally hold down worsfold at qtr time on the middle of the mcg, stick a pineapple up his ■■■■, and he’d still be picked.


Wolsfold backing the team in.
This will either turn out really well or really bad.


Hooker won’t go back lol. Wolsfold is clearly backing his structure etc

Not me! I put my panic dollars on him.

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