Finals Week 1 - Non Essendon

I will be barracking for GWS for flag with Lions next.

Fark every single one of the other teams

Especially Pies hopefully Geelong hammers them tonight and their supporters file out of G into whatever derelict housing commission home they’ve come from.

Sick of the season long leg up they get


Bulldogs winning would be great.
We want GWS out ASAP don’t we, as we have their 2nd Rounder ?



None of ■■■■ plz

Blitz needs angry reacts

Blicavs is tall, athletic and no ■■■■■■■ hope agaisnt Grundy

Essendon’s own Sam Menegola the late inclusion for the Cats.

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Collingoogs are flogs!

This where what should be aiming for - Qualifying Finals - not that elimination final crap.

You better pull your fkn head in Camfield ■■■■

Can you ever imagine getting excited about Essendon playing at the MCG tonight in a qualifying final with a better than even chance of winning said qualify for a Prelim.

Nope can’t imagine it and 2001 seems a different life time.


You’ve hit the post there silk!

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I dared to dream about us being here next week for the semi.

Not sure we’ll believe it when it actually happens.


Limping into an interstate elimination final is more our style.


Cool for Cats.

Imagine going to a final and legitimately thinking you’re a chance.


Last second late change. Bews is cooked

Wait no they can’t make the change