Finals Week 1 - Non Essendon

Of course the ■■■■■ cheer mr sportsbet

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The roar for Stephenson was fkn disgusting.

The bloke shouldn’t even be playing, grub.


Yep my dislike of Collingwood has taken over


Doesn’t take long hey


I’m going to attempt to barrack for the pies. Not sure it’s possible


Told ya

Fck it’s strange seeing a forward leading in a straight line to then receive a short chip kick to his advantage.


Only these disgusting cave dwellers would cheer a bloke that shouldn’t be playing

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Because Geelong are self entitled whinging knobs

■■■■ back to the safe injecting room Elliot

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True. But it’s Collingwood.

I guess I could always hope for Geelong to lose the GF instead

Could you imagine being even half as good as Collingwood

It’s happening

Collingwood deserve a premiership. I admire there tenacity.

Why do we have to have an abomination of a clash strip and Collingwood get away with heir normal kit?

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Wash your ■■■■■■■ mouth out

At the game.

Depressing for a few reasons.

  1. The standard of defence and attack for these teams compared to us.

  2. We could have been playing here had it not been for ■■■■■■ Hawthorn.


i don’t hope Collingwood wins it. I can’t help but admire them and feel enormous envy. I wish we were half as good as them.