FINALS Week 1 Thread

I’m guessing this year will be the first time ever, a Final was played during Daylight Savings??

That could change everything!!! :smirk:

Go Port, … hand these Handbaggers their first step out of the race Tonight. :crossed_fingers:

Also, Go Lions, Saints & the West Cokers.

Brisbane will complain it’ll fade their jumpers.


Boring. Will not watch.


Will this season and entire comp just fold already so I can enjoy October.

Why is the sh-t still going.

End rant, back to you BSD.


4 games that could genuinely go either way.

If only we were good enough…

I am hoping for a Collingwood stkilda grand final . Come at me blitz.(not even sure if possible)


Lol, … I actually snort laughed at that.

I never fkn snort laugh. :laughing:

AFL exec are considering cancelling all finals as it is interfering with their media-created trade hype.

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It is a worry.
There’s more news stories about Saad than there are about the teams for tonight’s Tarps V Geelong game.


Come on Stallion, admit it, you’ll be watching.

You’ll be watching with a deep seated envy wishing Essendon was out there.

Wishing we were out there taking it up that notch that is required to play finals footy.

Remembering what it was like when we actually were a force in finals.

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we’d get done by 10 goals

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There’d be a big % supporters who don’t remember because they were either too young, are now suffering from amnesia (sad) or too drunk as they were in their hay day out partying.

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We need Port and Brisbane to go out in straight sets for Daniher trading purposes. Brisbane have Port’s first.

I know and it’s crap to think our great hope is to win a final. While other sides are aiming for a flag. We’ve slipped a long way from where we were.

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What are these finals you speak of? Are they a type of pretzel?


I’m sorry, but I can’t buy that.

West Coast at home should handle Collingwood comfortably.

Richmond’s backline will eat the Brisbane forwards and spit them out all over GABBA surface, then they will grind them into submission before running away comfortable winners.

The other 2 clashes are genuine 50/50’s, though I’d be tipping Port and the WB.

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I’ll probably watch, but it will be the first time I’ve watched a non-Essendon game all year.

No idea who is good and who’s not, or any of the ‘stories’ involved. Weird weird feeling

are there anymore under 18 all star matches to watch? rather watch that than AFL finals.

I for one am happy that none of our players will be getting injured this week.

Oh fine then just forget about the thread i made!