First Concert & Album

This used to be asked of contestants on RockWiz and some interesting answers ensued.

  1. What was the first band/artist you saw live, not counting school bands etc.?

  2. What was the first full-length album (record or CD) that you bought with your own money, not counting those K-Tel and other cheapie TV specials?

In my case, the first concert was Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs at the Star Cinema in Portland in 1973 and, man, they were loud!

My first real album was the Rolling Stones compilation High Tide And Green Grass.


Either painters and dockers or spiderbait before they had a pony bought for them.

Unforgettable Fire or Rattle n Hum


Midnight Oil @ Myer Music Bowl, 1991 (14 years old)

Midnight Oil - Diesel And Dust LP (11 years old)


Great idea for a thread.

First live band(s) I saw was a triple bill at the Entertainment Centre (old Olympic pool). Jimmy Barnes, The Johnnys and The Saints, 1986. Saints came on first so I guess they’re the first band I saw live.

First album was Dynasty by Kiss. Brash’s Eastland.


Stones - Voodoo lounge tour Toronto ‘94
Mick in full length leather coat between 2 fire breathing gold cobras - I was floored

First album bought with my own money? Presidents of the USA


First artist: Sammy Davis Jnr (my mum loved him and I was the youngest in the audience by quite a few years). It was unbelievable that I was allowed in. Brilliant concert.

First Album: Desolation Boulevard - The Sweet


First gig: Parkway Drive early 2006 at the Mooroolbark Community Centre.

First album: going to say . . . Killing Heidi - Reflector or Silverchair - Neon Ballroom

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Spy v Spy
Parade College Gymnasium
Form 4 Social
Guessing I was 15yo

Probably Wham’s ‘Make it Big’ on Cassette (don’t judge man)


First concert - Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs at the Sidney Myer music bowl (about 1972?)
Album - Slade Alive


All ages Psycroptic, Bloodduster, and M.S.I. gig at the Polish Club in Hobart, probably around 2001 or 2002.

A bunch of my first albums were given to me as birthday presents so I don’t remember which was the first I bought myself. It might have been Follow the Leader by Korn.


First concert- Sunk Loto at the Flemington Community Center in 2003. Not a bad gig, not that I was to know any better. Saw Metallica a couple of months later at the Music Bowl which was on a completely different scale.

First album: Sunk Loto- Big Picture Lies and Silverchair- Freak Show, purchased at the same time.


Saw them open for Behemoth at an all ages gig at the Tote in 2006. Still the best show I’ve ever been to.

First Concert: The Offspring Americana tour (also my first album) in 99 at Rod Laver, was 13.


First gig was Deadstar doing a free set at the skate park where QV is now.

First album was Ivy and The Big Apples


Yeah they’re fantastic. Got to be the best band to come out of Hobart. The Haley brothers’ dad was a teacher of mine in high school, lol

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first concert - think it was Scorpions in Rotterdam in 1989

first album - Icehouse, by Flowers

My first single was the theme song to a show on the ABC called “Who Pays the Ferryman” (not to be confused with Chris de Burgh’s “Don’t Pay the Ferryman”!)


First concert and first album are on Youtube.

1st Concert - U2 at the Sports & Entertainment Centre 1984

1st Album - Asia; Asia


Wow, the Scorpions. Saw them in Berlin, a long time ago.

But my first live band was the Valentines when they came to our high school in 1967 !


Concert - I’m guessing U2 Love comes to town tour (W/BB King and Weddings Parties Anything) Fri 13th Oct 1989(?)

Cd - REM Out of Time
Tape - I think Culture Club? (Don’t judge me @bltn )


A diverse and eclectic range of responses, as expected.

If nothing else, it gives a fair idea of the vintage of each poster!

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