Fixture 2019




More savage bumps today than Merrett in the 80s


ha - very good. Here’s the story on the Lachlan Dalgleish bump.
I got a notification for a “‘Nice Share’” badge. I click to see what it was for and it was for the Lachlan Dalgleish thread. To be honest I’d forgotten about him. I look to see the first post and thought… blah blah…


Just looking at the fixture and and bar the last round of the season v Collingwood, the rest of our games from here on are all HOME games or interstate, and none of those HOME games are on Sunday either.

4 interstate trips in 9 rounds with 2 of those to Perth and consecutive weeks in Adelaide and Gold Coast.

WTF, we are farked.


With Perth coming off a five day break, completely nullifying any benefit from the bye.

I think this is one of the worst fixtures in years.


The only consolation is West Coast is coming off a bye which hopefully means we will be more switched on than them given the history of sides coming off a bye losing. I’m glad it is a 6 day break and not a 5 day break though, still a challenge with the travel, particularly for the likes of Belly.

In this vein it is good that both the Hawks and us are coming off a bye this week and that GWS will also be coming off a bye when we play them.

If by some miracle we win these 3 games, we will well placed to win 8 of the last 11 (I’ll show myself out to the “Lid Off” thread).


Thursday (WCE) to Thursday (GWS) is a 7 day break


Need to win a minimum of 2 of the next 3. Doubt that will happen though.


Truth is we need our forward line to start to click and Belly to stay on the park to be a chance.

If those things happen with maybe Smack, Brown, Stringer, Raz, Walla and maybe Lav, Mozzie or Begley playing well together and if Stewart can find something later in the season - who knows.

A lot of ifs though …


Just noticed that we play Eagles right after their break and GWS right after theirs. So we cop them on fresh legs.

Or glass half full - we cop them after they’ve had a momentum break?


Been counting long?

Friday night to Thursday night is not and never has been 5 days.


Sometimes coming off the bye is a struggle.


Yep, got it very wrong.


I think last year against West Coast we were coming off the bye, while they had a short break after playing in Sydney.


*A leaked memo has surfaced from AFL Headquarters *

Dear El Jeffe,
We note your repeated complaints about Hawthorn not being given sufficient prime time games this year.
Respectfully, after Friday night, we trust you can see the unfortunate consequences of us allowing your team to be seen in any ratings friendly time slot.
Your Captains behaviour, and the mealy mouthed responses from your genius coach, has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and untold overtime, in an attempt to rectify the damage done to the game. Further, we expect hundreds of children will no longer be allowed to participate in AFL as their parents fear the trauma induced by possible pinching, stomping, and umpire neglect, will permanently scar them.
Even more alarming from our position is that this has diverted media attention from our ground breaking innovations in crowd control, consistency of umpiring, and rule improvements.

We trust you will enjoy your 2020 fixture consisting entirely of Tasmanian games in the early and late afternoon time slots, with a few interstate Monday night games.

Yours insincerely
Gil Jong Un


“Also, your team is very boring and don’t want to score.”


Herald Sun saying that it’s looking like Collingwood vs Essendon on Friday night for round 23.