Fixture 2020

Agree. The Cats had an easy run at the end of this season and the finals stunned them.

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■■■■ cwood

At 8 o’clock.

It’s an FU from the AFL saying “if you think you’re that ■■■■■■ good EFC, here’s a fixture to let you prove it!”

Probably a request from the Lions to get more games on the G.


Round 8. 5 day turn around with a trip to play Sydney. Of course it’s them. Lot of travelling towards the end of the season too. Might be good practice for finals? Would have thought if we’re going well we’d want our ‘G’ games to happen more at this time of the season though.

Pretty soft run home.
Suns (away)
Port (home)
Freo (away)


Sydney will slide next year. And Buddy’s foot will already be fuckked again by round 5 so all good.


150 year rivalry and we play Carlton once ffs.

Who gives a f*ck about Fremantle. Why are we playing this noname brand team, when we should be playing our biggest rivals twice.


Freo have to play the most boring brand of footy in the AFL. Maybe they’re trying to spice up those games with some Bomber magic so at least people will tune in.

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Greedily eyeballing one or two interstate trips out of GWS, Adelaide or Gold Coast.

We’re back in primetime where we should be.

Was just going to say the same.

Otherwise I’m a bit disappointed that we don’t get one return game against a basket case.

The 4 day break traveling to Sydney is ridiculous.

Is what it is. The fixture only really matters of you are a middling side. If we are a serious top 4 threat it will not/ shouldn’t matter.

Not so much finals and Melbourne. Cats simply weren’t that good. They had a pretty tough fixture across the year and fell in due to the soft run home. They were getting beaten regardless of who they played.

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How TF do Ninthmond wind up with the 6th easiest draw??


That assessment seems to be underestimating this year’s runners up for some reason

A lot of that would be based around having so many games at the G. Which is a concequence of having 100K members and playing all your home games there (save for the mandatory home games at a Etihad).

Yep i agree. But they did win their last 2 games by a combined 235 points (insane). Nobody should head into finals with that kind of a confidence boost. Glad we play Collingwood in the last round next season.

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Ah, thought it was Port away as well

no i’m not.

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