I get my chest and back waxed before summer, to show off at the beach.

If people ever comment, I tell them “I just don’t seem to grow body hair.”

While my gf looks at me with disgust. She knows. She knows the truth.



Are you my twin :rofl:
I avoid flying Economy at all costs even on a 1 hour flight


Lol, I’m the exact same.


When I’m on Italy, when a local tries to push in at a busy airport line or doesn’t have the courtesy to go around me with their suitcase and instead roll it over my foot, I either push them back out of the line or kick their suitcase away.


My sister in law is a school teacher so whenever she spells something incorrectly I pull her up on it. Or when she types something stupid like “His an idiot!”


Oh no Garry.


Lol, and I even went back to fix the spelling mistake earlier too.



I’m made the choice to marry an American!!


If I feel your getting too close to me I like to pump my brakes and let you know that you are too farking close.



I’m an absolute booze snob, yet I’m always the first ■■■■■■.



I self-flagellate


Good move and congrats, but it must make choosing the ideal red that much harder


I make jokes about dyslexia.



Boom boom!


I will argue points I don’t believe in purely for the fact that I sometimes feel like arguing.



You and HAP must be best buds.


I’m 50 years old, tubby & wear a footy jumper to games

That’s Flogometer red zone level

( Look for me Saturday, Essendon jumper # 26 )


I verbally decry the standard of music the youth is in to these days, despite being right into the likes of Limp Bizkit when I was teen aged.



Make jokes about melbourne fans going up to buller.

actually go skiing.