No it’s not


Get into it. It’s fun to say.



we boo people at work.

(we don’t boo people at work).


As long as you can still fit into it, it’s all good. I still wear mine. Although I’m waaaay under 50.

Cough *44 cough.


I have never had a hangover, even when I have been vomiting for 3 hours straight to finish off a big night.

Lucky flog.


When pronouncing Spanish words like Ibiza and chorizo, I pronounce the Z as a -TH-



And the Vs as Bs for extra flog points.



Sometimes when I drive my WRX I put on driving gloves because I think i drive better with them.

Ultimate FLOG


We have a winner!



Nah ive heard flog been used.

Much harsher in real life. Really cuts through.


Dont really give a ■■■■ about climate change and dont really give a ■■■■ about other problems that arent my own. But i’ll stir ■■■■ on here to make it seem that way.

The guy who probably looks at your sister a second too long.

Would have probably voted for Trump if I was American. Actually probably wouldnt have bothered.

Wears mens exercise tights.

Terrible driver, although I do know it.

Lives in Sydney, thinks victorians are racist ■■■■■ trying too hard not too be.

Knows nothing about football but acts like I do.

Probably has a punchable head.




There’s honest, and then there’s “honest”, …


Oh, also, … Sam McClure.



Well, that’s ok with us!!!


No helmet?


I don’t consider you a random. :wink:


I watch Footy Classified. There, I said it.



There are a few there that are excusable.

Some are not.

Exercise tights? Hopefully you do use them for exercise though? Not just for everyday wear?


I struggle with that bit. I’ve always head VIVA not BIBA. But in Spanish-language films, you do hear a lot of vale, pronounced bar-lay, meaning OK.

The lisped c’s and z’s don’t get used in Extremadura and Andalusia, which is where most emigrants to the New World, the con-keesta-door-ays or conquistadores, come from.