Footy department news (Departures, Retention etc)

With the likelihood of department cuts. What areas do you see being phased out?

Do we need to trainers to massage players on game day? 2 strategists?

Interesting to note on Footy Classified Ross Lyon mentioned how many personell were in a footy department and game day nowadays then back in 2007. He mentioned how it was your IT technician, senior assistant, midfield, forward and Defensive coach back in 2007

Now you had 2 midfield coaches, 2 physio trainers, 1IT guy, 2 senior assistants, club doctor, Ruck coach, forward and defensive coach, 1 tactician coach.

He also mentioned how it got to a stage where the senior head coach didnt even run training sessions.

Would be interesting to see how many we have and where we will see the cuts come.

Is Luke Ball in jeopardy?

Not sure I particularly want to hypethesise on potential sackings to the football department…




Almost every AFL assistant coach has been stood down and they’ve reportedly been told to apply for the federal government’s Centrelink payments or manual labour jobs.

As I have said multiple times recently…
What the f*ck happened to the AFL’s billion dollar TV rights deals?

You can’t tell me that the League is broke.

There is 18 months until a new TV rights deal comes up… so the AFL is literally months away from scoring another couple of billions dollars.

If they can’t look after the football industry, the clubs, and keep people in jobs… then the league deserves to die.


its all in Marvel stadium

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Keep Caracalla please



Yep - I feel sorry for Gil - he must be doing it hard.

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Email is out from the club:

”As a result, the club made the heartbreaking decision this week to stand down more than 75 per cent of our staff, across every operational area of the club, until further notice.

A minimum number of staff will now work on severely reduced hours to ensure the club remains operational during the suspension period, which is due to run until at least May 31.”

Caracella is essential services.


Everything that is wrong with the AFL is apparent in it’s inability to support players and staff during a downturn.

How that prick Gil and the rest of his dribblers at AFL house can justify their salaries is a rort. Turds.


The existing broadcast rights agreement saw Channel Seven, Foxtel and Telstra fork out a huge $2.5 billion – or $418 million per year – in 2015, for the rights from 2017-2022. The current financial health of the AFL will no doubt play a role when CEO Gil McLachlan and his team begin negotiating the next deal .

Cry me a f*cking river AFL.

It’s time to pay the wages of your industry… or f*ck off.


The scheduled member payment plans will continue for the time being, with member reconciliation to be reviewed when we have full visibility of the season and fixture.”

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These are unchartered waters…

No, they are uncharted waters, Xavier.


The AFL spend the billions on propping up our competitors, funding a women’s league we aren’t allow to play in, employing a thousand staff directly (wtaf) and long lunches.

Talk about farking governance


Yep - all the AFL’s pet projects are absolute money pits. GC & GWS would be draining the AFL dry, they would be generating bugger all in terms of memberships, sponsorship & gate receipts plus they add stuff all to the TV audience sp you couldn’t even argue they represent value there. All up these clubs would have around $30M each in salaries not to mention every other expense most of which would be payed by the AFL.

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You think they are getting paid without games. Why do you think they were so desperate to go ahead, all those $ stopped this week. There is no broadcast revenue hence everyone got stood down.


And don’t presume the next deal will surpass the old deal.

If the economy tanks, business stop their advertising spending. If add revenue goes down broadcasters can’t spend as much on rights.

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This is a company that made nearly $5 Billion In the last 10 years just from TV broadcasting rights.
There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be stepping in to stop AFL club employees being let go.

The League is broke. My ar*se