Former #30 B. Zerk-Thatcher

Luckily panic mode is only a post away on this forum.

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Why on earth would he want to leave???

I just dread what I heard about Langford’s contract renewal. Got really lowballed on both length and dollars while 3 other clubs had made significant offers to him.

Ended up getting the dollars and one year less on the length, but say if Dodoro were to lowball either or both of Zerk and Reddog, I’d want him, Cgates and maplestone out the door so fast he wouldn’t even have time to collect his jackets.

Redman - you’re a HBF - that $200K per over 2 years.
Zerk - you’re a fill-in KPD. $150K for a year.

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That is the type of tight fisted management that cost the Pies big time. they could have had Bernie Superboot Quinlan running around and kicking goals from 60m, and possibly winning flags for them, but they low balled him, saying that he should want to play for the jumper more than for a fair salary commensurate with his skills. There are other players as well. l also remember their captain Tuddy led a walk out of about 8 players over their salaries.

Langford would be in our top 5 most important players.

Will get a very nice patrias next contract.

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There was an article somewhere recently on Peter Eakins, on the anniversary of his death in the late 90s. Apparently Collingwood paid him $10K to come over from WA while Tuddy and Thommo were on $5K.

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wouldn’t bother me if he does leave tbh.
The circle jerk this guy gets when he has an ok game is strange.

I hope we keep him. He’s a perfectly good 2nd or 3rd tall defender. Like Lav, he is just miscast on those monster forwards.

We have a number of tall defenders in the 2nds but I’m not overly optimistic of Dodo’s recent batch of drafted talls.

What a $hit comment.


He’s the worst 1v1 defender in the league. A slow average kick and doesnt intercept much at all. I really dont know why he gets such praise, especially for last weeks effort where i thought Lav and Kelly played better games yet hardly get a mention.

I dunno, i just dont see a long term future with him as our key back and wouldnt be bothered if he gets traded as per comments above…

Did he steal your girlfriend off you ?


It’s almost like we are one giant ball of consciousness


Bi-polar ball of consciousness.


Yeah, I’m not really sure what the point of comparing historical posts from completely different posters was, but anyway…


He averages 1.5 CMs per game (Ridley goes at 2.2, Moore at 2)
He also ranks above average for contested 1 on 1s (3.1 - Harris Andrews ranks elite at 4.5)

If you want to criticise him, at least try to be right

Not disagreeing with you at all, but the contested 1 on 1 stat is just how many they’re involved in (of which he loses 35.2% this year).

It’s not ideal, but still doesn’t have him the “worst in the league”


pretty much yeah, if he loses 1/3 of his 1 on 1s, and Andrews loses 1/5, I hardly think he deserves the title of the ‘worst 1v1 defender in the league’

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Yeah I reckon there’s a fair question about a few aspects of BZT, but he’s definitely a good intercept mark.
Mostly just his decision making has gone a bit wobbly again. Can’t be in two minds in his role.

At least not with his pace/athleticism, the difference between BZT & the absolute best of the best is they’re that little bit quicker & stronger, and that lets them recover more often.

Good player will do well today if we pressure the cats enough up the feild. If not anyone would struggle

No full back is any good unless he is better than Rance.