Former #30 B. Zerk-Thatcher

I actually cannot comprehend why we started this guy on tommahawk given he kicked 6 on him in a half earlier in the year

Obviously only a small part of why we are getting belted.

But I reckon a brain dead individual could realise you don’t do it again.

I’m starting to question brad.

Real strange call.

Plus the continued backing of weid


Who is going to play on Hawkins?
The best defender in the comp isn’t stopping Hawkins when he gets delivery like that.
Maybe our pea hearted kids can start earning their wage and actually stop their opponents having a training run


This isn’t on BZT. He’s undersized and shouldn’t be playing on Hawkins, but our ■■■■ of a list manager has left us with a key defence that is completely unsuitable for the task at hand.


Ridley or lav?

Ridley kept him real quiet in the 2nd half of the round 7 match

I reckon he has been ok

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Has been okay…not sure why Lav hasn’t been on Hawk. Bizarre coaching.

He hasn’t been bad even though Hawkins has missed a few.

I’m just saying to even go with that matchup to start with given what happened last time is beyond bewildering.

The problem isn’t BZT! It’s the sh1tsh0w further up field.


Backline is not the main issue. Our mids were awful


Yeah it’s not like Hawkins goals came from his brute strength pushing players out of the way

It was mainly his clever leads into space

Usually getting silver service after we’d turned ball over exiting D50

And he nailed set shots from difficult angles also

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I thought Zerk was generally pretty good tbh

Won his share of contests, only really got done on the lead which were mostly hit ups that no one would have stopped

Was one contest that stands out where he got turned around and out bodied badly but for the most part Hawkins goals were the fault of those up field

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Had a pretty good game I thought, given the deluge


This :100:. Our backs were as solid as could be expected. Our mids and forwards failed to apply enough pressure or win/half enough contests.

Spot on. All Hawkins did tonight was mark lace-out passes, in an open forward 50, that came in with little or no pressure from further up the field. In genuine contests (there weren’t that many) Zerk won most of them.

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Zerk got beaten on the lead 3 or 4 times where the kicker was kicking from a mark or a slow build up. Amazing fwd craft from hawk sure, but come on, some of the blame has to be put on the defender to either cut off the lead, body the fwd early or just get better positioning.

Hawk had a day out again and could have kicked 7 if he kicked straight early.

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Hawkins kicked 1 on Kelly and 1 on Ridley. For the amount of ball going in there Zerk did a pretty good job IMO.


Performed much better than I expected. He had some poor moments, but some of the passes Hawkins was getting were lace out under no pressure

Backline gave him no help either

How was that one where he beat Hawkins one on one and yet there were 4 Cats players 20m clear of their opponents to crumb and goal.
We don’t have any defenders that are willing or able to put their head in the hole. A couple of those leads from Hawkins both Kelly and Ridley had a chance to step into the hole or block him but heard footsteps.


One on weid too I think

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Heading to Port Adelaide according to Kane Cornes this morning.

Apparently Port confident hes heading over.

Oh well, he’s not a world beater and undersized but cant fault his effort and consistency, would have been handy to keep.