Former #30 Patrick Ryder - we dodged the bullet




Season Highlights
18 disps (8 kicks 10 hballs), 4 marks and 25 hitouts in Rd 19 79-pt loss to Collingwood at the MCG (4 Aug 2013)
16 disps (11 kicks 5 hballs), 4 marks, 5 tackles, 26 hitouts and a goal in Rd 15 30-pt win over Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium (7 Jul 2013)
18 disps (13 kicks 5 hballs), 6 marks, 26 hitouts and 2 goals in Rd 12 43-pt win over Gold Coast at Etihad Stadium (15 Jun 2013)
15 disps (10 kicks 5 hballs), 5 marks, 6 tackles and 34 hitouts in Rd 11 5-pt win over Carlton at the MCG (7 Jun 2013)
17 disps (10 kicks 7 hballs), 7 marks and 16 hitouts in Rd 9 29-pt win over Richmond at the MCG (25 May 2013)
17 disps (9 kicks 8 hballs), 6 marks, 23 hitouts and a goal in Rd 8 10-pt loss to Brisbane at Etihad Stadium (18 May 2013)



Frustrating player as far as I am concerned. He plays a few terrific games a year but there is not enough of them.

For a bloke with his ability he should be able to finish higher than 15th in the b&f.

At the age where he should be reaching his peak.

Potential to be one of the best players in the league. I still love him.

needs more shhhh gif

So much potential. He should be THE go to player as we move the ball out of defence with his leap.  I wish he worked a lot harder to influence the game. 

I think we need to face it, he's never going to be the player we think he can be.

Lets face it, the output level hasn't changed for years. He's reached his level.

Still a fine player.

I'd also like to remind people that he tore Cox and NicNat a new one this year in the win @ subi.


I don't THINK he can be great - I KNOW it. I just wish it would happen :(


Possibly our best weighted kick to the player moving forward and would rather him in a ruck contest than anyone in the comp.

Could be anything. At the moment he is pretty good.

I think he wears no 30.

His hits to advantage are outstanding. Needs to do more around the ground though.

Spent less time fwd this year but expecting him and T-Bell to rotate through the F50 occasionally.

IMO, best set shot under pressure at Essendon. Would be my pick for lining up after the siren to win the match.....

Only 25. 

Frustrating. Needs to step up.



Odd thread title... Ryder's been merged with Fletcher.

Could be one of the superstars of the comp.



#31? :o :rolleyes: