Former #31 Dustin Fletcher




Season Highlights
24 disps (15 kicks 9 hballs) and 7 marks in Rd 15 30-pt win over Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium (7 Jul 2013)

Future captain.

Won't be on our list in two years.

Am surprised he's giving it another crack, was starting to struggle and look a step behind the pace late in the season IMO, I guess he's not the type of guy to quit.

Slowly creeping up on 400 games (but based on his career so far, he will need to go around again in 2015 to reach that)


So fingers crossed for another good season from the young fellow.

Starting to get the pace of the game, a keeper.

Superstar. The best there has been for kicking out from points to our advantage. Stil has that magical ability to save our ■■■ on the goal line time after time.

Will be even better once he fills out.

Be pretty handy with a bit more experience.

Will need to put on more weight to survive in this game.

Should drop him back to rookie list and develop

Seriously, will be a sad day when he is no longer playing.

More than integral.

Glad he’s going round again. While Hooksy has come along in leaps and bounds as the guy who orchestrates the back line it won’t hurt for him to have Fletch around as long as possible to help him out.



Don't even want to think about an Essendon team without Fletch on the ground.

The sun rises and sets as often as Fletcher is around.

Dunno about that hair.

The fabric

Most consistent AFL player of the last three decades, greatest FB of all time, can play on smalls and bigs.


Name a stadium after him.

10 year deal. Deserves it. 

10 year deal. Deserves it. 

9 year 1 month, $10,000,001. That extra month and extra dollar are, IMO, a much bigger slap in the face to Buddy than a significantly
bigger contract would be :)

Was still very good this year. Injuries took longer to recover.


Loved him laying out that WC bloke. Showed he still gives a fark and still has the mongrel.


Will get rubbed out for doing some odd action in the GF next year after we win and he retires.