Former #39 Patrick Voss - false messiah

Didn’t salute at all this year - disaster!!

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I’d be interested to see what he can produce in the backline tbh.

I like him as a forward. But I recon Voss would be a handy key defender.

wow, i totally missed this. good one him. definition of couldn’t have done any more. The quinn get delisted in the year he one b&f for bendigo?

anyway, voss should have played the praccy vs the saints. who knows what happens if he’d done that. To make it at the senior level he needs to become a one grab player

At 194 cm, he is perhaps a bit smaller than what is needed.

1cm shorter than BZT.

you guys wouldnt give Glenn Jackovich 194cm or James Sicily 189cm or Dane Rampe 189cm a crack at CHB?

Hold on Jackovich was a giant compared to Scott Lucas and Matty Lloyd.

Rampe is not and never will be a CHB.

James Sicily Doesn’t actually play CHB, but he is from Melton and has white line fever, so he thinks he can play anywhere.

You dont need to be tall if you’re spoiling the back of forwards heads.


May (193), Barass (194), Wilkie (191), Hurley (193) Scarlett (194), Glass (192) and Rance (194) would probably have been better examples.

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He’s taller than Michael Hurley

But Hurls was a forward !

He’s probably too physical to play as a defender in 2023.
Ambrose could be physical but he was good at reigning it in.

I don’t know. A VFL best and fairest is often a sign you are out the door.

I’d agree with that if he was older but being as young as he is and as raw I see him getting another short contract to see what he can become.


There’s physical and then there’s being sloppy.
He gives away a few too many free kicks for mine.

100% gets another contract, though.


Which are bad enough in the forwardline, but disastrous in the D50!

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I reckon Voss has characteristics we lack generally as a team and need. Plays with intent, has a bit of mongrel, seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. Not a world-beater, but will give his all. He’s the sort, I think, who would improve the chemistry of the team and create opportunities off his effort.



Agree with this and your Mass post, not a great reflection on Scotts decision making imo, he had a real chance to give the kids a go this year and he completely muffed it.


He can play. I doubt he would do worse than Snelling, Weideman as a forward half player.

Whatever it is on/off field that is holding him back will soon have to be rationalised. Expect games in 2023.

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