Former #42 Massimo D'Ambrosio

Delisted in 2 years is my prediction.


I reckon there’s enough talent there to get to the 60-70 game mark after 4 seasons then waft into obscurity after that tbh. I don’t reckon he’ll ever be a great player, but he reads the play well and has good skills. Size and appetite for the contest being key drawbacks.

The main thing Brad looks for in a player you lack this you wont play imo

Will probably have 25 damaging possessions in Round 1.


Weideman ?


When someone has a laser kick like Mass you should be able to find a spot for him, especially when your not a very good kicking team


I think his kicking is over stated on here.


I don’t remember him ever doing laser like kicks that hit targets. maybe once or twice but not every week

His kicking started strong IIRC then fell away. I would put that down to diminished confidence.


Really ? He was an awesome kick., arguably the best field kick in the team alongside Tippa and Merrett.
Then someone had the bright idea to send him forward.


He was another who fell victim to our de-development coaching.


I don’t think so

He’d played forward as junior before with good effect (7 goals in one game according to a previous coach) & we had more need for him there in AFL side/sub than we did in defence. And he’d already shown needed a lot of work at AFL level in defence, as far as one one defending and capacity overhead

It was helping his development by being involved with the AFL team even if only the sub and coming on to play fwd as he did multiple times

This “awesome kick” is a fallacy, had capacity to hit targets at times but also prone to some rank turnovers.

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He was never staying at Essendon.

Cracked it at non-selection?.. or some other issue?

Perhaps I have a poor memory in this regard, but I never thought Houli ever really played that well for us.

We significantly increased our investment in development coaching for the one full season he was on the list.

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Wanted to go to Kollingwood but they didn’t want him.

You’re right - he hospital handpassed a lot.


Considering Pies weren’t interested is good enough me that the club made the right call

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Please tell me this isn’t based on Mass liking a tweet?