Four Vic Police killed by a truck on the Eastern Freeway

Not really related but 4 coppers have been killed in a huge accident with a semi on the Eastern Fwy

Believed 2 were doing a traffic stop when a semi hit another car, which then went into them.
Probably other fatalities. 20 emergency vehicles attending, traffic stopped both directions.

(Sorry couldn’t find a better freely available story)

A fking horror crash. Chandler H/way, . I must have been down there 1000 times.

Vic Pol Head Aston giving a live Interview on abc 24.

Truck driver just ran straight into them somehow.

Trucks don’t belong on Roads with Cars, … said it forever, … only takes one to fall asleep or whatever, and it can be carnage, . as it seems it is here. Very sad.

on Twitter, someone was quoting a police friend saying it was not an accident.

Looking at pictures of the scene that’s believable

Probably a bit premature posting it in this specific thread i would have thought

Poor choice out of a lot of poor choices, but In no way intended it to be in any way related.

Yeah, wasn’t sure it justified a separate thread, happy for mods to move if they see fit.

Truckie was uninjured but has been taken to hospital for treatment for a medical “episode”. Odd.

Driver of the original car (Porsche) pulled over fled the scene on foot.

I guess he will afford some fancy lawyer to justify why he pisssed off. (Worked for Cousins back in the day).

“Known to police” is what I’ve heard which might explain why there were 2 units for a traffic stop & roadside drug test.

The initial rumours flying around were that the crash may not have been an accident but emotions were running hot so its way too early to think thats the likely case.

That could quite easily mean he (or she) had chest pains or went into shock or had a breakdown after the accident. It happens.

Let’s not jump the gun quite yet.


Very sad.

The guy (missed his name) speaking on ABC 24, said the 4 had not been in the police force long.

2 senior constables, 2 junior constables reportedly in their ‘work experience’ phase.

It doesn’t sound deliberate. They are saying the truck driver has had a medical episode not sure whether before or after. However given the state of the accident scene it would seem likely that maybe something happened to him while driving the truck. Very sad day all round

I gathered it was the Porsche driver rather than the truckie whose behaviour was questionable.

The truckie’s medical episode may have been a result of other actions.

The Porsche driver was clearly known to police. It wasn’t a standard stop because they called for back up. But he didn’t kill them

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It appears that the Porsche and the police cars were stopped, and the truck ploughed into them, obliterating the Porsche and knocking the highway patrol car 4 or 5 lanes across.

In today’s update the indications are that he had the episode after the crash not before. Which would not be surprising considering what just happened.

Also apparently the Porsche driver took photos, ran away, then uploaded them to the internet. Sounds like a quality guy.


What a ■■■■…


Got cops in my extended family. Seeing what they go through on a daily basis is terrifying and then something like this happens.


Not related, except possibly to the original stopping of the Porsche, but I can say speeding has spiked as a concern with traffic volumes so low. Fawkner Highway Patrol nicked someone doing 230kph recently…

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