Free the indigenous flag

As a club that’s been a proud supporter of indigenous communities, i’m a little startled to see that we are one of 4 clubs that hasn’t rallied behind this cause.

Richmond has also elected not to participate, meaning the two teams that header the Indigenous round aren’t active in it.

Little disappointing and particularly strange.


as read from another poster here.

Flag is free for lots of uses, just not when businesses are using it to sell merchandise with intention of profit.

now I would prefer if the artist got the copyright licence fee, but he sold that for $10,000.

I have mixed feelings on this.

While the aboriginal flag is now an icon, it’s design is owned and copyrighted by the indiginous bloke who designed it. He licensed the design to WAM for flags and another company for other uses, for a lot of money. So he legally owns it and the right to do what he wants.

My daughter-in-laws father was a renowned aboriginal artist, who was unhappy to see his artwork being used on tea-towels for sale to tourists in Sydney, so he and his brother went to the Senate in Canberra and eventually got his work and that of all indiginous artists protected.

So you cannot have it both ways.

Maybe Government or Community need to cough up the money to buy out the copyright and make it pubic domain, but the abuse that the designer and WAM get is not that fair.


also some players repping free the flag tees.

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I think so.


Should be some precedent on this stuff already.

If whoever put together other flags were compensated at the time, it follows that the guy who did the aboriginal one does too.

But if no precedent is set, then I think the honour of being recognised as the designer is enough compensation as it is…

Maybe you are not being serious, but I guess this logic could apply to every invention and development. There goes progress.


Its a flag with a yellow circle and a stripe of red and black.

If you can find another flag where the owner needed to be financially compensated I would be all ears.

So a rightwing capitalist like you applaud the stealing of others ideas.

Why do you think we have copyright laws ?


You mean other than this one:

The designers of the Australian flag won a competition and part of the T’s & C’s would have been that they could no longer claim ownership of the flag.

The guy who designed the Aboriginal flag did it off his own bat and copyrighted it, so not really the same.

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They were compensated, though.

I don’t think there’s really any point talking about precedent, here. Flags don’t get changed often.

The guy did work, and deserves financial compensation for that work. But I don’t think a private citizen should be able to own what is now an officially recognised national flag.

The commonwealth need to buy it off him, pure and simple.


Yeah, I agree with that.

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Give him a million bucks for it and make Rio Tinto pay for it.


If its compo surely its a symbolic/token amount.

The flag is worth something because of the aboriginal people.

He designed it, he copyrighted it, he owns it. Guess it is up to him what it worth, and if he even wants to sell it.


Commonwealth owning the Aboriginal Flag doesn’t sit well quite a few in the community.

I haven’t heard one answer that works for all either though.

I’d have no issue at all with taxpayer funds buying it.

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Me neither, except I cannot see ScoMo doing it.

I can understand why there would be misgivings.

But who else would?
My understanding was there’s still not really a national peak body?