Full Club Review - Top to Bottom

Sitting watching the game last night just proved to me how much EFC needs a full review from top to bottom. No half measures. Campbell, the CEO and Dodoro, our recruiting officer have had their day at Essendon. Stanton (Humphrey) was a disastrous appointment as VFL coach. The team is 0-7. Where is the development of Eyre, Brand, McDonagh? Their names never appear amongst the best on game day? As for the senior playing list, there are too many players well below AFL standard. There is no evidence of a bit of team mongrel. Players seem to be playing for themselves, not the team. It is far too dysfunctional the way they play. It was so easy for the Swans. It looked like a training run. I was wondering when the witches’ hats would appear.
Declutter the playing list of the following:
Heppell and Hurley to retire after great service to the club.
Non-renewal of contracts immediately for: Ham, Shiel, Zerk, McBride (the Irish experiment is over), and Francis (a player with talent, but seldom shows it).
As for the senior coaches, they are very disappointing. Do they work as a team? Do the assistant coaches have a say as to who is selected and how the team should play.
After watching Essendon for the past 75 years, I’ve never been so disappointed with what I see every weekend. Even the 2016 team showed more guts. At least they had a go and won three matches. The current team will be lucky to win three matches this year.


There will be no review - Brash

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“We need a review and here’s exactly what it needs to show!!”

Seems a waste of time, since you have all the answers anyway.

If the board had any interest in running the EFC well, they would’ve all resigned a long time ago. Pointless potting X or Dodoro or even Rutten.

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We need to review the review that was conducted by Brasher.

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And also review the review that Neale Daniher did before Worsfold was appointed.

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■■■■ NO

can’t we just be a normal club and let a rebuild happen?

We have good coaches
Good new recruits

It just takes time.


I think we need to review whether there is any point in keeping the club alive at this point or if we should just fold and retire the whole thing.

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That’s a bit harsh on the Sales and Marketing team that do a great job selling Essendon merchandise to supporters despite the club itself being a rabble.

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Put them in charge

But then who would sell the merchandise?

You can.

I’m already all in on applying for the List Manager role, I can’t do both.

do both and start with a jackets sale

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You mean the sales and marketing team that has addressed me as “Alelx” for the past 9 years despite me telling them on numerous occasions that my name is being spelled incorrectly?

Nah nuke them


I would be happy with taking time if we did a proper review in the first place. The fact we haven’t done a full external review means we can’t be certain we are on the right track. Therefore giving time does nothing other than delay the process.

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We did


Nah the new them. Not X and rodski

It’s going to be alright, Alelx

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